El Paso and C19

Since March the beginning of Covid 19 and how the city has handled this interesting situation currently it would appear that neither left nor right hand or foot knows what the hell they are doing. We have been witness to how utterly incapable every level of government has been throughout this crisis. From our congressional… Read More El Paso and C19

Samuel Williams District 16 Congressional Candidate District 16

Well the volleys continue with Mr. Williams even over the 4th of July Holiday. Veteran Blas Hermosillo and former Congressional Candidate Anthony Aguero having been going overtime with Williams. Williams himself has imploded upon his campaign as he continues to berate anyone who has different views. He has rejected any type of reasonable compromise throughout.… Read More Samuel Williams District 16 Congressional Candidate District 16

That Which is Williams

In case ya didn’t notice there’s a runoff on the GOP side of Congressional District 16. Williams and Amanadriz. This race has been seriously stupid ugly on Williams part, from driving the wedge deeper withing the party itself, to shooting himself relentlessly on the issues he talks about. The most recent rasism. This particular post… Read More That Which is Williams

Memorial Day El Paso

The orgins of Memorial Day orginally began as Decoration Day on May 30th 1868 in remembrance of Civil War Soldiers. Over the years it became a National Holiday to remember our service men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. In El Paso, much like other parts of the country there will… Read More Memorial Day El Paso


About two weeks ago during a Virtual City Council a few words fell out of City Council Representative Henry Rivera mouth berating El Pasoan Sito Negron. Im not gonna go over what was said it’s been spread all over hells half acre anyway. Sito Negron who happens to be a part of State Senator Rodriguez… Read More WHAT DA F*CK