Humberto Rosales

By Roberto José Andrade Franco On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, my cousin died. He tested positive for COVID-19 and got admitted to the hospital a few days before then. “You guys used to be close,” my wife said after my mother told me of his hospitalization. “You should call him.” A day later, my mother… Read More Humberto Rosales

LULAC: Army’s Actions At Ft. Hood Affirm Vanessa Guillen’s Life

Nation’s Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Calls Firings and Suspensions for Misconduct a Step Forward Washington, DC – The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) calls today’s announcement of disciplinary actions by the U.S. Army significant and important progress towards justice as well as lasting change within the military branch that Pvt.… Read More LULAC: Army’s Actions At Ft. Hood Affirm Vanessa Guillen’s Life

El Paso and C19

Since March the beginning of Covid 19 and how the city has handled this interesting situation currently it would appear that neither left nor right hand or foot knows what the hell they are doing. We have been witness to how utterly incapable every level of government has been throughout this crisis. From our congressional… Read More El Paso and C19