The El Paso News provides readers with news analysis of topics important to our readers. Our mission is to provide El Paso voters important news and information to keep voters informed about the public policy that makes El Paso the highest-taxed city in the states. We are also a voice for Latinos in the national and local narratives around social and public policy issues. Our regular curated and original reporting focused on politics, public policy and culture presents well-balanced and non-partisan information that empowers our readers with knowledge.

Our analysis and reporting have driven coverage of stories by traditional news outlets and have exposed political scandals in El Paso, Texas.

True journalism is supposed to provide accurate, fair and honesty in the issues it reports. Journalism demands transparency, not just in who funds the publications but also on how we cover the issues we report on. Our publication has no allegiance to a bias or a funding partner and journalism must never censor a voice because of personality conflicts or differences in points of view.

Most important to true journalism is that the news we report and the analysis we produce must be accessible to all regardless of anyone’s ability to afford access to it. Therefore, we are committed to keeping out content free of paywalls and we do not accept financial support with requirements prohibiting us from reporting or analyzing any topic or issue.

None of our publications are beholden to or controlled by any outside interests. Our primary mission is to create content that is important to a greater understanding of government.

It is for this reason that reader donations are critical to our operations. All advertising on our publications is handled by third-parties unrelated to us and have no impact on our coverage of topics. Advertising represents a small portion of our operating budget. Instead, we rely heavily on the donations our readers make to us to pay our bills.

All donations go first to support the infrastructure of our publications like domain name registration fees and hosting services. After those financial needs are met, regulatory expenses like taxes, accounting fees and corporate regulatory fees are paid. If any residual donations are left, we use them to grow our publications’ reach (30%) and to offer stipends to editors and authors to support more content creation (70%).

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Publisher & Editor: Martín Paredes
Editor: Miguel Juárez


El Paso News, Inc. is a for profit publishing company established in 2011 by Martín Paredes to encourage and promote greater diversity on national policy dialogs, especially on border issues. Paredes is the sole shareholder of the corporation and remains committed to fostering greater participation by Latinos on local and national narratives across all political spectrums.

Paredes launched El Paso’s first online publication in 1998. El Paso News is now the longest continuously running online publication in El Paso.

1998, Paredes launched El Paso Politics.
2000, Paredes launched The El Paso Metro with longtime El Paso political activist Jaime O. Perez as the editor.
2001, Paredes launched a second publication, The El Paso Tribune to add more diversity to our publications.
2005, Paredes brought various publications under the umbrella of the El Paso News as a platform for citizen journalists.
2020, Miguel Juárez is added as the second editor of the El Paso News.

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