Well the volleys continue with Mr. Williams even over the 4th of July Holiday.

Veteran Blas Hermosillo and former Congressional Candidate Anthony Aguero having been going overtime with Williams.

Williams himself has imploded upon his campaign as he continues to berate anyone who has different views. He has rejected any type of reasonable compromise throughout.

Recently he attempted to add me into the fray citing my issues with court proceedings etc of which I have answered and have been dealt with accordingly.

Williams during this horrible run has continued to bring a serious black eye to the GOP in El Paso Texas and a Veteran Service Organization putting thier Congressional Charter in serious jeopardy.

That being said I’m asking that everyone who has a shred of decency contact the following agencies to make them aware of Mr. Samuel Williams actions as a Veteran and a Representative of the GOP.


National Headquarters 406 W. 34th St Kansas City, MO. 64111 Phone: 816-756-3390

VFW Washington D.C. Office

200 Maryland Ave N.E. Washington D.C. 20002

Phone 202-543-2239

Texas GOP State Chairman


GOP National Chair

Tom Emmer 315 Cannon HOB

Washington D.C. 20515



If you are for Good Governance, Morals and Ethics please let the powers that be know what has been taking place here. Together We Can Make an effective change. Thank You


Local 915 person who's a lil more involved than average with Veterans/Weight Loss and Community issues