Since March the beginning of Covid 19 and how the city has handled this interesting situation currently it would appear that neither left nor right hand or foot knows what the hell they are doing.

We have been witness to how utterly incapable every level of government has been throughout this crisis. From our congressional seat, governor, state representatives, county judge, county commissioners, mayor and city council.

The issue began with Mayor Margo taking the lead early on, which from my understanding wasn’t his place, that responsibility sits with the County Judge. How this came about is anyone’s guess. Why a mere three or four weeks ago County Judge Sanmaniego decides to challenge the Governor with a “shutdown” only to be overturned and ridiculed by the Texas Attorney General.

We have seen both Margo and Sanmaniego kinda “thumb their noses” at the gatherings and now includes the City Attorney as she had a birthday party and failed to get Margo some cake and ice cream, which seems to be his only concern per recent news conference. The question needs to be asked did Margo ever get his cake and ice cream after all?

We have seen a serious up tick in a vaccine being developed by pfizer and moderma. What’s the difference?

The Pfizer vaccine requires a storage temp of -100° F which from a logistics standpoint would be damn near impossible for distribution and storage given that the property the city bought may not have adequate refrigeration. Late last week Mayor Margo stated this vaccine requires -70°F for storage. That’s a 30° difference, which is substantial. The City has stated they are working closely with Pfizer. Does that mean we are to be the test grounds after FDA approval of this Pfizer C19 vaccine?

The other vaccine being developed by moderma only requires a storage and distribution temperature of -4° F that’s the average temperature of a common refrigerator. Seems to me that would be the better option of these two. Yet again El Paso tends to do things “the hard way” to say the least.

A little over a year ago, at every level of government they were all “shoulder to shoulder” after the Aug 3rd shooting. What has changed that our representatives aren’t on the same page?

El Paso is center stage for C19 and whether we like it or not we are being watched by not only the State, America, but the entire world and it seems the powers that be can’t agree to work together.

From my vantage point in Central El Paso, the ambulance has been seen more and the food bank line has been “blocks” longer.

Thanksgiving under my roof will be a two person affair with the minimum on the table and that’s fine by me. I just hope the elected representatives here will get their “stuff” together so we can move forward.


Local 915 person who's a lil more involved than average with Veterans/Weight Loss and Community issues