Okay so here’s my opinion on the great “El Paso Blue.” El Paso has been Blue for decades upon decades.

Personally when any party reins for a substantial amount of time it’s like “Groundhog Day” different faces same ol’, same ol’. I prefer individuals with well founded platforms and actual substance to themselves. Not puppets or anything resembling that.

There’s Northeast, West, East, Tejano, Orange, Purple and by god Green Democratic Groups/Clubs a few extra just thrown in just because I can. In these groups/clubs again we see pretty much the same individuals involved, whether they are officers or in the crowd themselves, the headliners pretty much dictates what’s gonna go down.

We have individuals sitting in precinct chairs so long that they are actually Lazy Boys now!!! No manches!!! While I appreciate the knowledge the precinct chairs possess ya “let it go”!!!

There is nothing wrong with some vibrant forward thinking individuals sitting in those seats, a little younger and a little hungrier would be an added change.

We have seen a definitive “shift” in the political barometer where if your a member of any particular party “sorry” you are my enemy. We can’t speak, see each other and your shadow cannot touch mine. Which in order to have change ya have to have some type of “middle ground.” We talk about racism and hate and both parties demonstrate this 24/7 within their own damn parties!!!

We have Ms. Escobar who has been very party direct, speaker pro tempore, Armed Services Committee, but isn’t sitting in a Veterans Affairs seat, why? This is bothersome for me as El Paso Veterans need representation in “THAT” seat. A lot of energy has been expended on asylum seekers and impeachment proceedings while there is a Nation that needs to be “tended to.” I’m pretty numb about both the asylum and impeachment issues, but there’s enough out there to research and draw your own conclusions.

Ms. Escobar is slated to deliver the State of the Union address in Spanish. I wonder if “ay buey” or the infamous “no manches” will fall out of her face???

We need change in El Paso loaded with individuals who are “like minded” regardless of party affiliation and not afraid to be seen in public with each other. It used to happen way back when, why can’t it happen again???


Local 915 person who's a lil more involved than average with Veterans/Weight Loss and Community issues

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  1. Interesting read… “Especially, when one considers all the Veterans & our Ft Bliss Military Community; one of our bigger economic engines in our own backyard.”

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