John Bolton is a staple of Washington politics. Bolton likes war. Bolton knows the political game. Bolton could care less about Donald J. Trump and cares more about how much power he can amass. Bolton is a nationalist. Bolton believes that the country must affect regime change in other countries that disagree with U.S. values. Bolton is a conservative Republican focused on curtailing socialism anywhere it is found. But most important, John Bolton is about his nationalistic agenda.

Much is being argued about what John Bolton will testify about in the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump if the opportunity were to arise. Bolton has played the game of testifying if certain conditions are met. A book excerpt that was released last weekend suggesting that Bolton has the goods on Donald Trump.

The suggestion being that Donald Trump told John Bolton directly that withholding the Ukraine money was a quid pro quo.

But John Bolton is playing a game. He is trying to sell a book.

Whether John Bolton has the “smoking gun” on Donald Trump or not is yet to be determined because Bolton is using the impeachment controversy to sell a book.

And therein lies the problem with John Bolton.

Bolton’s history is a façade of being a nationalist trying to rid the world of America’s enemies. Bolton has no problem sending America’s kids to die in eradicating the county’s enemies. But when it comes to being a patriot, John Bolton just scurries away.

John Bolton has publicly acknowledged avoiding the Vietnam War by playing the reserves game as it became evident, he may be drafted into the Vietnam War. Just like with Vietnam, Bolton again scurries away while pretending to be a patriot.

Rather than publicly create a record on what he knows about the Ukraine scandal, he instead offers superfluous statements creating intrigue but no substance. He does this to sell his book.

What John Bolton has to offer is not facts, but rather just enough to sell his book. To make money.

Many are hoping John Bolton steps up and delivers the goods on Donald Trump.

Beware of people offering gifts masked in money making scams.

John Bolton will deliver to the American people whatever makes him money. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Impeachment Trial Defense

Yesterday, The Trump defense team focused on process. Rather than argue that Donald J. Trump did nothing wrong, the defense argued that the process does not allow for impeaching Donald J. Trump.

Mike Purpura attempted to argue that Donald Trump did nothing wrong. Purpura argued that the House Managers ignored parts of the testimony that favored Trump. Purpura focused on the process instead of rebutting the House Managers evidence.

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