I’ve been watching a particular race Congressional District 16 GOP side of the house for a change and I find it rather amusing for starters

We have two Candidates that continally goad and bait each other into action. One in particular Anthony, former Democrat turned RHINO and Samuel Williams former Independent turned Republican.

I got to know Williams slightly durning his Independent run. I thought ok clean cut, Veteran decent ideas, might be a time for a change here in El Paso. Now he’s back as a Republican, spreading his urine and vinegar campaign, where if you aren’t perfectly aligned with his thinking or post anything indifferent on his social media pages those comments are 1st called “trolls” then eventually deleted.

He really doesn’t have a good clear handle in the State of Veterans Affairs in El Paso and is fairly ignorant of the changes occurring at VAMC El Paso. For one two clinics will be leaving or CBOCs one to West El Paso & the other to the Northeast El Paso. Later in the year administration and call center will eventually move to Ft Bliss as well.

He insisted that El Paso should refurbish William Beaumont Army Hospital after it moves to the new location and turn it into a full fledged VA Hospital. Now my time here in El Paso I have worked on William Beaumont with a local Plumbing company and the issues associated with maintaining a older building from this aspect was tremendous.

During 2012-2013 it was determined that just to bring William Beaumont up to Code would be about $8 million, per floor. I wouldn’t want to guess the price tag now.

Williams has forgotten about the delays with VA Hospitals in Aurora, CO, Louisiana and Florida respectively. As well as the delays with the current New William Beaumont Army Hospital which is entirely different debacle in itself.

Again Williams as aligned himself with outsiders Cowboys for Trump, Bikers for Trump and the list goes on and on. One thing about El Pasoans do not like is “outsiders” telling them anything about thier city.

Williams is functionally ignorant of the two Veterans Advisory Committees within the City/County of El Paso and what thier Mission is within the City/County.

For being a Veteran himself and changing his appearance “Cowboy” attire just shows me he plays to his biggest contributors or “sold out” aka vendido, as the saying goes. The song “Coca Cola Cowboy” and saying “Rexall Ranger” come to mind.

I recently issued an invite to Williams as I’ve taken to strolling Mckelligon Canyon in a recent event (hike) for Homeless Veterans and he declined stating “arthritic knees”. Myself I walk the entire Canyon 5.75 miles with a plate below my left knee and right knee replacement. Never have I used an excuse to not exercise or some type of movement. So this is what we will have if by some miracle he gets the seat.

Anthony, well as I said former Democrat turned Republican who continually goads and baits Williams on every possible occasion.

Honestly I find it very entertaining and sad that a Veteran can be so easily goaded into a response. We as Veterans have served with various types of personalities and the behavior Williams displays in this regard is dismal at best.

Happily I’ll be glad when this election cycle get done and over with so hopefully the hate, anger and discontent can go away!!!


Local 915 person who's a lil more involved than average with Veterans/Weight Loss and Community issues

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