On May 4, 2016, I published a blog detailing an encounter with the police that Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez had on September 6, 2015. In my blog post; “Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez Questioned by Police Officers And Mysteriously Released,” I shared with you details about the incident that I have now dubbed the Whataburger incident. I have filed many open records requests looking for detailed information about the incident and I filed additional new requests yesterday asking for even more information. So far my open records requests to the city and county have resulted in no documents being released to me.

As a result of the blog post, a city official, who wishes to remain anonymous, provided me a copy of a “Blue Team Field Support Services” report detailing what transpired between Claudia Ordaz, Vince Perez and three El Paso police officers. The report raises many troubling questions about why the City hasn’t been able to provide me a copy of the document that clearly exists. It also raises questions about how the El Paso Police Department treats residents under two different sets of standards – one standard for government officials and another for everyday citizens. Finally, the report also raises the question of whether a cover up was initiated to protect Claudia Ordaz and/or Vince Perez from public scrutiny.

I am going to address those questions and more starting on Monday. However, today I just want to give you the opportunity to read the report for yourself.

You can jump right to it by going to this link. Or, you can read what I believe are important selections from the report.

The first thing that stood out for me was that an individual, Jose Corona, jumped out of the car that Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez were in and “confronted” another driver for honking at them. Two police officers noticed the “verbal exchange” and told everyone to leave the scene. Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez argued with the two police officers. When Claudia Ordaz “identified herself” as a city representative, the officers requested a supervisor to the scene.

The other statement that caught my attention in the report is “Claudia Ordaz advised the off duty Officers that she was a city representative and did not feel that the officers were handling the situation in a professional manner.”

When the detective, that responded to the call from the two police officers, asked Claudia Ordaz or Vince Perez if they wanted to file a citizen’s complaint against the two officers for “unprofessional conductboth declined. Perez added “that he just wanted to let it go.”

Another statement by the police officers that stood out for me was Vince Perez being described as being “verbally uncooperative by repeatedly questioning the officers regarding what penal code statue gave them the authority to” ask them to leave.

And finally, “Officer Picardo acknowledged that he made the comment about Vincent Perez being intoxicated, because Officer Picardo stated that he smelled the odor of alcohol on Vincent Perez’s [sic] breath.”

As you read through the report, ask yourself if under the same exact situation would you have been extended the same courtesies as Ordaz and Perez were extended by the three police officers involved? Also, ask yourself, what would have happened if an accident had resulted after Ordaz, Perez and the third individual had left and it was determined that alcohol had played a factor in that accident?

Finally, I am often critical of the news media outlets because for many reasons a lot of the information that is important to voters does not get the proper coverage, if any. Yesterday, in addition to filing additional requests for more information with the City of El Paso I also sent copies of the report to Bob Moore at the El Paso Times, a reporter at KVIA, another reporter at KDBC and finally the news director at News Channel 9.

We will all get to witness first-hand whether the news media outlets believe it is important to report this information to you. I believe it is important for voters to know as much as possible. I am wondering if the news media outlets believe the same as I do.

On Monday, I am going to start discussing two and possibly three important issues that this report raises. The first is the obvious special treatment by the El Paso Police Department of government officials. I believe it creates a system where there are two standards of policing in the city.

The second issue is how difficult it has been for me to get the document. I will share with you the numerous open records requests that I filed and what I received as a response. At the very least, the spirit of the Texas Public Information Act, if not the law itself was violated. This, of course raises the question of whether there is an attempt to keep the incident out of the public realm making this a cover up.

Here is the link to read the document.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

36 replies on “The Police Report that Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez Did Not Want You to Read”

  1. Martin
    El Paso government has never had any issues with violating the spirit or the law of Texas Public Information Act. Hell for that matter the Open Meetings Act.They have no fear because there is not one going to hold them accountable for such violations. Who Esparza, Wiles, El Paso PD, city ethics broad,county ethics commission? That would mean they would have to do their duty and job and that isn’t going to happen. Believe the correct phrase would be “when hell freezes over”.

  2. Pretty clear to me that any unprofessional conduct by Perez and Ordaz.

    An attempt of intimidation, verbally provactive, impeding traffic, possible public drunkeness, possible drunk driving(who was driving-sounds like. Perez) and he smelled of alcohol.

    Odd no field sobriety test was given, no charges for impeding traffic. No charges for provoking speech and gestures. If there truly was any police conduct why didn’t the Ordaz and. Perez file a complaint? Were they lying ? Last but the most important-malfeasance of office.

    Obviously, there are two types of enforcement, one forr the public and one for public officials. Even the media failed. If it had been a citizen, media would be all over a story. Since it involved a public official, the story was buried. Still waiting for Morgan and Robinson’s charges.

    Let’s see what bullshit, the perv will spin to get them off the hook.

  3. I think supervisors are called with elected officials because elected officials many times become abusive and threatening towards the officers, and as Perez and Ordaz did, accuse them of unprofessional behavior or worse.

    As for letting them go, if the person driving was not drunk, they really did not have much choice. No one physically assaulted anyone and no crime was committed.

    I have no doubt Perez and Ordaz pulled the “do you know who I am” card, and it is a shame that media did not even mention this until the watered down Times article today which makes sure to mention that a blogger gave them the info. How embarrassing.

  4. Angie, public drunkeness, creating a disturbance, verbal assault. Although the charge is different from state to state, you don’t have to be the driver. Could be walking.

    Someone was driving that car and most likely drinking. They were allowed to leave without incident because the off duty police didn’t want the tons of paperwork or the publicity or possible pressure from superiors if an arrest was effected. This is a city known for retaliation . Yes, there was a choice.

  5. Since when has Bob Moore become Martin’s mouthpiece? Just so you know, it was honey badger Niland who leaked the document to Martin. It is all for political payback. Claudia Ordaz is under attack for trying to make the city a better place.

    1. Jaime
      Nice try in deflecting who really released the document to Martin. He, He, He, Ha, Ha, Ha! Went and checked it is a criminal act to release documents with out going through the official process. It’s a criminal miss use of official government documents under the Texas law and that is just for starters. Then again nothing will happen there is no one in official capacity in El Paso who would investigate or prosecute.

    2. Who the hell is Jaime trying to fool? He (Jaime Abeytia) has received all sorts of documents and information from elected officials for years but since this affects his man crush And his girlfriend he now wants to talk about what is right and what is wrong.

    3. What’s the matter, Jaime? Moore is not letting you pulling his strings on this one? You are horrible, horrible person who lies through their teeth to get what they want. Take the “power couple” and move out of El Paso. You are an embarrassment. Your two “family” members are done. They have been caught with their dirty deeds too many times. Your vindictiveness has no bounds. Anyone who would show nude photos of their ex-wife to their children is a sick, sick person. You cannot justify your actions. If you really believe you are innocent and did nothing wrong, you need mental help.

  6. If I understand correctly, they were on private property and asked to leave by the two officers that were acting as agents of the property owner as security guards.
    The moment they asked Perez to leave and he refused, HE was the one breaking the law.

    I don’t blame the officers for calling a supervisor since they would want to cover their asses while dealing with public officials. I started to wonder why the supervisor would ask if they wanted to file a complaint against the two officers but then I realized the best way to get them to drop it is to ask if they wanted a public record made of the incident.

    I am curios if they even checked to see if the driver of the vehicle had been drinking and driving since it appeared that alcohol was involved. We all know that if an on duty cop pulled up to this the fist thing he or she would ask is “how much have you had to drink tonight”.

    I have no issue with police diffusing a situation and telling people to move on. But not if it is only done for people who have political connections.

    1. I think Vince was confused. He said penal code but I think he meant penis code because he is still looking for his.

  7. Oh wow I didn’t even get a chance to post 1-2-3 here comes the useful idiots before Jaime beats me with a stupid comment and David writes that it is non story. I guess they stayed up all night figuring how to spin this. Sorry but there is no way to spin this. Claudia pulled the do you know who I am card! Simple as that people!

  8. i wonder if “Jose Corona” was in fact Jaime but since he was on Probation he changed his name. Because as you know family protects one another and as Jaime stated in those texts to Claudia they are all on big happy family. Funny how Jaime claims he doesn’t read other people’s blog because he is the innovator the mouth of the south but this chump has no originality to his post. It’s always a damage control, gossip/ manipulative, rebuttal blogs that he is instructed to do by the ones pulling his strings. How the Apple was fallen far from the tree with that useful idiot.

  9. Must be very embarrassing for El Paso Times reporter Aileen Flores to have to use a blogger’s material for her news report. Who needs the paper when the bloggers have the real news? Now you know why no one takes newspapers seriously anymore. I just need to go to Facebook, Google, Twitter or the local blogs to get my news. Any of you paying for a newspaper for news are just plain idiots.

    1. Aileen, now she has talents too bad she went out and got herself pregnant but ………

  10. At least we know it wasn’t the perv in the back seat watching them make out. That would really be disgusting.

    1. Anita I think the prev or as everyone else calls him Jaime used Jose Corona as an alias because he was still on probation during the time of the altercation. Jaime is slick take for instance when him and the Redskin fans get together at their local pub I am sure there is a few pictures of him downing some drinks. Let him deny all he wants but pictures are worth a thousand words.

  11. were there no police camera’s on the car or security cameras at the whataburger to see who jose corona could be ? check into it Martin.

  12. Ordaz and Perez should be removed from office period. Their action(s) hint of “UNDUE INFLUENCE”. A judicially created defense to transactions that have been imposed upon weak and vulnerable persons that allows the transactions to be set aside.

    Virtually any act of persuasion that over-comes the free will and judgment of another, including exhortations, importunings, insinuations, flattery, trickery, and deception, may amount to undue influence. Undue influence differs from duress, which consists of the intentional use of force, or threat of force, to coerce another into a grossly unfair transaction. Blackmail, Extortion, bad faith threats of criminal prosecution, and oppressive Abuse of Process are classic examples of duress.

  13. So who is Jaime Abeytia’s custodial parent? Ordaz or Perez? Who gets custody of him during the week, and who gets custody of him on the weekend?

  14. So if there is video and Jose Corona is t Abitia, who is gonna be the first to admit they are wrong?

  15. I wonder how many of you would actually call Jaime as a prev or whatever else you guys call him to his face. This post is about Vince Perez and Claudia Ordaz is it not? How did this become about Jaime?

      1. This isn’t Jaime, you can actually find me on Facebook under El Beto so as far as your comment about Claudia being my mommy she isn’t . Like I said this post is about Claudia Ordaz & Vince Perez using their position to intimidate the officers but somehow people want to make it about Jaime and if it was him he is not in office they are. I say hold Perez, Ordaz & the officer accountable of any laws were broken.

      2. Seriously Jaime you need to be your own man and leave Perez and Ordaz alone! You really do look like a puppy following his master(s) around.

      3. Because Jaime jumped in trying to defend them, as usual. And anyone with half a brain knows Jaime is behind a lot of the political shit going on. He is an evil instigator who lies and manipulates people. Not to mention he wouldn’t pay his child support and then gets caught showing nude pictures of his wife to his CHILDREN. You really want to defend him?

        Yes, this is about accountability of Ordaz and Perez, but Jaime, in his own words, is their family and is behind all of the nonsense they try and pull.

  16. But back to the post, Vince Perez and Claudia Ordaz are not the only ones at fault here, shouldn’t the Officer that arrived be held accountable, the other two were off duty.

  17. According to the Times’ story (I’ll wait for everyone to stop laughing), “Jose Corona” seems to have given a false name. His real name is Jose Balaguer. Not sure we can believe that either. With these two, nothing is ever the complete truth. Has anyone ever heard of that guy? But let’s say the name now is accurate. Is it not a crime to knowingly give false information to the police??? Maybe not.

  18. Jaime has to live out his political dreams through others because he has a shitty past and his daughter which he was molding into a political figure got herself pregnant by a two bit punk. So Vince & Claudia are plan B for this piece of caca that has the tax payer paying for his abandon kids out in Arizona. Beto by the looks of things you have no idea what type of individual this piece of shit is.

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