dist2unoff_may16As you most likely know there is an election tomorrow to elect someone to replace Larry Romero. Some of you have commented that I haven’t written about the candidates. The reason I haven’t written as much is because there will likely be a runoff between Cemelli de Aztlan and Jim Tolbert. Right now there is too much noise between the candidates and their supporters and I just feel it will be better to focus on the two candidates left after tomorrow. However, that does not mean that I haven’t kept an eye on the race.

Here are some quick metrics about the race that will likely interest some of you.

Campaign Funding:
For some unknown reason I was not able to open Abraham Monteros’ 8-day campaign finance report on the city’s website. However, according to the 30-day report he has raised $400 and spent less than $100. It is possible that he spent more money and raised some that is reflected in the 8-day report. However, it doesn’t seem like it was a significant amount, if any.

Three candidates did not accept any campaign contributions.

Dolores Garcia Baca has not spent or raised any money for her campaign. Likewise, Gordon Ray Thatcher did not raise any money but spent $209.76. Angel del Toro also did not raise any money but spent $507.20 on his campaign.

Rene Abilez raised $100 and reports that he has spent $1,371.51 on his campaign.

David Nevarez, on the other hand, raised $845 initially but only raised an additional $100 after the 30-day report. He loaned himself $500. I believe his inability to keep raising money is the result of his legal problems that I first exposed on my blog. Nevarez has spent $955.32 on his campaign, mainly on meals.

That brings us to the last two candidates that will likely faceoff on a run-off, Cemelli de Aztlan and Jim Tolbert.

Tolbert has raised $13,986.84 in campaign contributions. He has spent $5,197.81.

De Aztlan, raised $6,375.16 and has spent $3,749.51.

Although it is most likely that Cemelli de Aztlan and Jim Tolbert will be forced into a runoff, because of the low voter turnout during the early voting period, there is a small chance that Tolbert may squeak out a 50% plus 1 win. Though, to be sure, this is highly unlikely. Tolbert has the publicity of filing the ethics complaint against Larry Romero that ousted him from office and the support and backing of Susie Byrd and her cohorts. It will depend on how effective Byrd is in mobilizing her constituency.

Tolbert likely understands that he will face a difficult campaign when only two candidates or being contrasted against each other. Although not the incumbent, Tolbert will be scrutinized as an incumbent because of the ethics complaint he filed and his public environmental advocacy over the years.

As such, it is likely that he is hoping to outspend de Aztlan into tomorrow to mobilize enough votes to squeak by on election night. On a head-to-head competition, Tolbert will have to defend a public record that is controversial for some voters. Remember, likely voters do not like electing controversial figures.

If you live in District Two and you haven’t voted, then it is incumbent upon yourself to take matters into your own hands and cast a vote tomorrow.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Ms Atzlan, you haven’t even voted in the last few years. What’s your excuse? Let me guess, you registered late? I was able to register on time, oh yeah i forgot to mention I was serving overseas protecting your freedom(active duty). Like I said what was your excuse ms Atzlan?

  2. first let me thank George for his service and civic duty. i agree with him that if someone wants public office they damn well should have a solid record of voting, even in the most mundane elections. For me that’s a reason to NOT vote for someone. Look, this district is in disrepair with tons of non-English speaker households who haven’t registered to vote or fail to understand how important it is to vote. The district is run down, has no shopping to speak of, few gasoline stations, and fewer bank ATM’s. The cable system is original and can’t hold up any high speed connections and there is limited or no fiber optic lines. Heck there’s terrible pavement, yet the city continues to install handicap accessible corners where there aren’t any sidewalks; refuses to clean up the alley’s that were mandated to be paved but somehow weren’t (where’s the money Martin?); old run down disfunctional schools INCLUDING Austin High School that looks like it should fit in Detroit; streets that sorely need repairs; and other inner city woes. Taxes, fees, all continue to o up but instead of fixing District 2 we are putting a $90 million trambia to nowhere, and a building to celebrate the Hispanic culture while disregarding where Hispanics live. Tolbert has the reputation of tattle tale now, right or wrong he has caused woe, yet he is the only candidate that I’ve heard actually walk into the hood and ask for the vote. He has a group of west side minions who also have come out to visit the poor side of town to get him elected (which should raise a red flag), but if i’m being honest he’s the only one who seems to give a crap to get the vote. The whole process sickens me and it won’t get better if we continue to neglect the neighborhood until it’s election time. I’m reminded of the sign that was photographed in Los Angeles yesterday during a Hillary visit: WE DON’T COUNT UNTIL YOU WANT OUR VOTE. Yes sir, that’s it.

  3. Thank you. By the way I’m also a Hispanic voter and full time parent. She can’t use the Hispanic card.

  4. Jim is a good person. I know him through Sierra Club where he is on the board. He will be a voice for the environment here, sorely needed. As for crumbling infrastructure, little can change until voters mobilize and care enough to get involved, a mystery to me here – the only place I’ve ever lived where most people have no concern for their community. I hope he can change that.

    Good luck, Jim!

  5. What I find more of an issue with De Aztlan is that not only did she not vote, she tried to play the victim stating she was “turned away”. Yes, she was turned away because she FAILED TO REGISTER TO VOTE. I truly dislike people that do something wrong and then try to blame others and consider themselves the victim.

    I do not care for Tolbert, but it looks like it is going to be just like the presidential elections – having to vote for the lesser of two evils.

  6. I hope Ms. Atzlan will answer my question. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t pay property taxes as well. Ms. Atzlan how can you possibly understand the pain of tax payers, if your not one yourself.

    1. I agree with you George, if you are wanting to run for office and represent the people then how can you truly understand the people if you for starters don’t pay any property taxes. It seems like these days that’s the trend for this young politicians that they still live with mommy and daddy, using the excuse that they are saving up their money to buy a house.

  7. JerryK
    Most in El Paso only want to bitch, whine and complain and at the end of the day want someone else to do it,handle it, take care of it, because they are to damn lazy to do their obligation as citizens themselves or do they want to get their hands dirty. Yep they can spend hours texting B.S., playing video games, ETC but cannot be bothered to take five minutes to engage their elected officials, an hour or two out of 365 days a years to go veto or heaven help taking 20 to 30 minutes a week to kept abreast of what their elected officials are doing in their name. It’s more of the “El Paso Stupid, El Paso Proud” bovine fecal matter and many celebrate it, glorify it and roll in it. Hey it’s El Paso it’s historical,cultural and traditional!

  8. How many times has Bernie been to the Segundo Barrio prior to the campaign ? How many times have the rich been there? So is he really concerned about the District or just getting the election? Great that he is a tree hugger, what does that do for the district?

    The Black hair Hillary, an opportunist, never concerned until there’s a camera. Her biggest issue WAS the Lincoln Building. Dropped from the headlines, nothing from her since. Nothing about the district issues. Voting record, well we know it is a bs excuse. She is a good talker and will use Brown shirts to get the vote. she is so concerned about the people, where’s any organized effort to help the district ? Not until now.

    Anita is correct, unfortunately it will be “lesser of two evils”. Which is a major reason people don’t vote. They figure nothing will change .

    I am still waiting for the alligator tears from either of them. Makes for good TV.

    1. You need someone who cares enough to register to vote, then votes, and doesn’t act like a victim when she is turned away. What was she expecting? “Well you know, I’m from Harvard and I shouldn’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else here. Am I registered? That’s a micro aggression!”

  9. Anita, she is white skinned. ! Have white skinned Hispanics are arrogant towards dark skinned Hispanics and White skinned of Eurtopean orgin? She’s not from the community until it’s convient. The voting should be based on qualifications and “real concern” for the district. Show up and help when politics are not involved.

  10. You must not know anything about her Academy. I did my homework. She is the best candidate.

    1. I did my homework. And she did not register to vote or even do an absentee vote. She hasn’t paid taxes, why should I trust her with taxpayer money. She hasn’t lived in the district for more than a year. How can she know the issues here. Does she really care about the people of D2 or is she using the platform for political gain for others.

  11. Anita
    So just because some one is white that disqualifies some one from holding local office? Clearly your not a racist or sexist! Geeeez! One more example of EL Paso Stupid, El Paso Proud! Any one voting for some one on the basis of race, sex or sexuality and their main over riding factor for casting a vote for some one is these factor your idiot. Then again there is a mind set in El Paso that a Hispanic or a minority will not screw over the majority here then again this has been proven wrong and false time and time again. Sorry Anita feel good PC non-sense in electing people to office in El Paso is not has not worked.

  12. Thomas calls people stupid and uses your when he means you’re. Admit it at least to yourself that you want another white man or woman. Academy, you know I don’t mean white-skinned. You’re not that dumb. Thomas is, but not you.

  13. This is not about white people, it’s about the most qualified and the most concern for the district.

    She suddenly one of us for the votes. She is another one that read the Al Sharpen book. She shows up when opportunity is there to smear the white man. Other than that, we’ll wait until another cheap shot at white people.

    Tolbert aka Bernie Sanders will look odd in a skirt, but his agenda will be a continuation of Byrd’s.

    Not much of a choice for district 2 or a chance to improve city council. Two that didn’t show at the debate, so much for dedication. One that waved a white flag before debating. One a complete novice. One that fooled his supporters with the art of bs. King of embellishers.

  14. Academy Award Performance, please do not confuse me with the racist Anita. If I were that ignorant, I would want to kill myself.

    I was the one who made the comment about the lesser of two evils but not any of the other idiotic “brown/woman is better” nonsense. I am Latina but I am not only educated, I am smart! I vote for the person, not the party, not the color, not the sex, but what is inside and their past performance. De Aztlan has nothing to offer except to teach others how to play the victim. THAT attitude is what holds Latinos down.

  15. Anita
    Anita is racist and clearly Anita had zero problem understand what was posted. So what does white, black, brown, what ever, skin tone or culture have to do with being qualified to be elected to do a job. Anita “you are” a sexist racist idiot and typical example of El Paso Stupid , El Paso Proud !

  16. Angie is so dumb that she thinks when she votes for a Republican she’s not voting for the party. I’ll bet she’s voting for Trump because she’s repeating his type of rhetoric about “playing the victim.” Racist sexists like Thomas always start screaming racism when someone of color exposes their real agenda. I support Ms. de Aztlan because she’s the most qualified. Did Angie go to Harvard? I’ll bet not. I guess she missed that in de Aztlan’s resume. If I were a self-loathing sell-out like her, I would have killed myself long ago. Tolbert is just another old white guy keeping the majority community from being represented.

  17. Angie is so educated she doesn’t read the newspaper and is isn’t aware the El Paso Times endorsed de Aztlan. Only the ignorant think she’s not qualified. It’s sad when women try to undermine other women.

  18. OMG, Anita! You go by the El Paso Times endorsement? That is the kiss of death!

    You are totally ridiculous. I guess you also have a reading comprehension problem. I said the presidential election will boil down to the less of the evils. I hate Clinton, but I hate Trump worse. I am an independent thinker and voter. You, on the other hand, have blinders on and think everything brown is good. It’s not.

    Thanks for the laughs, Anita.

  19. Angie, you are obviously full of hate and believe you are a mind reader who can say that I think everything brown is good. You might not vote for Trump, but you sound like him. You are not any kind of a thinker.

  20. Anita, a degree in Divinity studies from Harvard is a not a plus for going public office. Now if you’re talking about law or business that’s different.

    So do some research before placing Ms Brown( off Convience) on a pedestal.

  21. So much for the Times endorsement, huh, Anita??? And no, not a mind reader. I read your ridiculous posts. Have a great day!

  22. I read some bullshit, bs on another blog. And the people that believe are the reason there are serious problems throughout the region.

    9% of the people in District 2 and liar calls it a mandate, blow out, that the people have spoken. It was more of a squeak and a blow hard !

    Then they disgrace the memory of Grenanda, while it was a quick and decisive battle, some Seals lost their lives and a couple of soldiers. And the ass—- has the nerve to compare himself to NCOs and Air Borne forces. The only battle he had was with his ex wife and the truth.

    The Jackass wonders why he is so despited. He is nothing but an butt kissing flunky with delusions of himself. He’s the, as they say, house nigger therefore believes he is better than the slaves and is one of the owners. Keep using the fool, he deserved all the nasty work you can give him.

  23. Anita, you are a racist . You want to vote for a person because their skin color and gender is the same as yours. Totally stupid and racist and sexist. You bring down the Latinos and women and are a disgrace. Definitely not a Christian.

  24. Angie, you are the racist and sell-out who would rather hold a woman back in favor of another old white man. Now you are deciding who is a Christian. You are a hypocrite and probably like the perv who [s also a sell out.

  25. “It’s sad when women try to undermine other women.”
    No Anita, it’s sad when you think a woman needs to agree with you because you are women. Sucker.

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