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David Nevarez Convicted of Assault Causing Bodily Injury

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5 Responses

  1. Shot himself in foot says:

    While, we can “perhaps” give a pass on past offensives and sentence completed,.
    Repetition of the crime indicates either he didn’t learn or has deeper issues that should be addressed by professionals.

    Theft is another issue that reflects an issue of trust. Especially when he could be handling public funds. El Paso has enough image problems without one more.

    David Nevarez should have realized that once in the spotlight, a public figure has to walk a straight line. Even spitting on the sidewalk is headlines. He should have withdrawn his candidancy immediately to ease the fallout. He could have issued a statement that these are family problems and he would seek counseling for anger.

    I don’t know any details about the offensives, Veterans if you have mental issues from military service, SEEK HELP ! Not that it could have been prevented. Just maybe it could have. Nor is it excusable.

    His political aspiration are dead, no possible future. I would say whatever creditability he had is gone.

  2. I’ve explained myself on the blog accordingly. People who truly know me are aware of what has been and is currently going on with my situation with my children and custodial parent. All that was done by today’s posting was amplify the lack of action on the District Attorney on Interference with Child Custody cases in Texas and known felony. Cases in El Paso are too numerous to count with well over 100 instances in some cases alone. Further in order to get an accurate accounting of everything it would be fair if all parties involved were included instead of basing an opinion, fact vs fiction if you will. If anyone wishes a more detailed response please contact me at txmarine8292@gmail.com or 915 407 0826

  3. Shot himself in foot says:

    should been “offenses”. Spell check changed

  4. Nevarez Sucks! says:

    As a Marine and self proclaimed combat veteran, you should shamed of yourself. You’re a disgrace to yourself and all Marines. The worse thing is that you were convicted of domestic abuse once and are now being charged again for the same offense. The fact is that you beat up a defenseless woman. So don’t try to blame the District Attorney! YOU hit a woman, the mother of YOUR children and there is no excuse for that. Man up and crawl away.

  5. Two delusional and disgraceful punks says:

    In his usual delusional and chronic blamer he believes his recognition is based on contributions to the veteran community. He still doesn’t get it that he is notorious and disliked by many veterans. Of course all his misfortunes are some else’s fault .

    He is not a Marine or a veteran, he is a disgrace to both. Big bad wannabe marine that is well known as a wife beater. He and the perv should form their delusional organizations. The other jackass has the nerve to call himself a NCO. I almost vomited. Name it the wife abuser and disgrace forum.

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