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Bob Moore Quits, Or So He Says

As you all likely know, Bob Moore is leaving the El Paso Times next month. Moore says he is making way for reporters to stay on at the newspaper. But, I don’t believe so....


The Duranguito Elephant In the Room

Last week, while I was in the midst of dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, an end to the debate over the building of a sports arena in Duranguito was accomplished. On August...


NAFTA and Mexican Immigration

(Note: I received some reports yesterday that some readers were being redirected to a porn site. The blog was hacked. I have removed the malicious code and I believe the site is now working...


Acts of God Killed the Wall

(Note added at 14:40ET on 18sep17: Please note, some users have reported some issues with the site. Apparently, my blog was hacked and some users were redirected to a porn site. We have reviewed...

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