In the last three days I have shared with you new information about the ongoing feud between Cortney Niland and Claudia Ordaz. In addition to that, yesterday, I also shared with you information about Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez arguing with police officers about the law. The police officers had responded to a public altercation that involved a passenger that was accompanying Ordaz and Perez. There are many things about the three items that merit some in depth discussion. However, today, I am going to focus on the Ordaz and Perez police interaction and what it all means.

But before I get into Ordaz and Perez I want to make a quick comment about Taylor Cortinas and Jeremy Jordan because it is all related. Like all of you I have seen the various news media reports about Cortinas and Jordan. Like most of you, I have also seen the Jaime Abeytia and David Karlsruher blog posts about the two individuals. Although I know that both bloggers are the public relations extensions of Ordaz (Abeytia) and Niland (Karlsruher), the information I received about Cortinas and Jordan proved it once again.

However, I was not looking for information about Cortinas or Jordan. I was actually searching for public records about the Ordaz-Perez Whataburger incident. Like most of the bloggers and the news media, I receive information and rumors on a regular basis. Unlike, Abeytia and Karlsruher, I look for collaboration to the information before writing about it in order to avoid becoming the tool of some politician. It is well known that different individuals and politicians float information to bloggers and the news media in hopes that it gets picked up. Other times, politicos like Niland and Ordaz have their stable of useful idiots on their beck and call.

I had known about the Whataburger incident for some time. Normally I file open records requests looking for information. However, I had a problem. I knew that as soon as Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez became aware that I knew about the incident with the police that an attempt to control the public narrative would be launched and possibly an attempt to hide the facts would be made.

We know from previous public discussions at city council meetings that city representatives become aware of the contents of open records requests before the documents are released. Obviously, they need to know because they are also required to produce public documents responsive to the request. To do that, they need to know what documents to produce.

But, as demonstrated by the Cortinas and Jordan fiascos, Ordaz shares information with her useful idiot blogger, Jaime Abeytia, in order to control the narrative. Abeytia would likely go on the offensive to protect Ordaz. Because of the possibility of that and the possibility of documents going missing, I did not want to tip my hand as to what I know about the incident.

As a result, I started submitting open-ended public information requests hoping to get the documentation I need. That is how I ended up receiving the Cortinas and Jordan documents. I finally reached the point that I had to be specific as to what I am looking for. Knowing about the possibility of Abeytia running cover and trying to limit the opportunity for Ordaz and Perez to take control of the narrative, I decided to go public with the information.

On Tuesday, the day before I posted my article about the Whataburger incident, I sent in additional open records requests, this time being more specific. I sent two to the City and one to the County.

Surprisingly, yesterday I received a response to my request asking for any police reports “generated on September 5, 2015, September 6, 2015 or September 7, 2015 for any incidents involving on-duty and/or off-duty El Paso Police Department officers at the Whataburger located at 12140 Montwood.”

Not surprisingly, the response is that there are “no responsive records” pertaining to my request.

I know, that two El Paso police officers and possibly three officers interviewed, questioned or had a discussion (however you want to characterize it) with Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez because, and this is important, of a public disturbance that required police intervention.

I also know that Claudia Ordaz told at least one officer that she was a city representative.

I also know that after a third person, possibly a public official or another police officer had a discussion with Claudia Ordaz, Vince Perez and a third unidentified individual, the three were then allowed to leave.

Consider that scenario. It is late at night. One individual loudly and aggressively stands in the way of another motorist. Two other individuals, Ordaz and Perez argue with the police officers as they attempt to control the situation.

Had it been any of you, how many of you think that under the same circumstances you would have been allowed to leave the scene without being arrested and much less without a ticket? Remember, two officers were at the scene and another individual showed up later. This means that someone called the other individual to the scene. This had to have taken some time.

I also know the date of the incident, September 6, 2015.

When I asked for any police reports for that Whataburger, for the day before, the day of the incident and the day after, there are none.

How is that even possible?

Yes, I realize that there are scenarios where the police officers make an onsite determination to let someone off with a warning, or even without one. There is also the possibility that two police officers working off-the-clock as security many not be required to file a police report. There is also the obvious that since no one was arrested or ticketed that a police report would not be created.

I get that. But I ask you again, under the same scenario, how many of you would have been allowed to walk away from the scene after arguing with the police officers telling you to leave the scene?

None of those questions answers the fundamental one; who is the third individual that showed up to the scene and had a conversation with Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez? What was discussed and more importantly, why did the police officers allow the third individual to take control of the situation and allow Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez to leave?

These are fundamental questions that demand an answer especially in light of the recent addition to the public corruption perp walks by the former EPISD educators. It is not like El Paso isn’t mired in public corruption scandals. The one undeniable fact is that public corruption requires keeping secrets.

Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez questioned the authority of El Paso Police Officers responding to a public disturbance that involved aggressive behavior. Although they did not initiate the confrontation, it was their companion that instigated it.

Like me, I am sure that others have received the same information that I have about the incident. It is likely that Bob Moore has also received it as well.

So where is his in depth investigation (Romero-like) into Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez at the Whataburger? Where are his open records requests to the City, especially since he has been on a tirade about open records requests lately? I am sure you all know why, so I won’t bother stating the obvious.

I am going to continue digging and filing open records requests both at the county and at the city looking for the documentation that must exist.

Someone told the police officers to let Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez leave the scene without so much as a ticket.

I will eventually find the documents, that is and unless, the documents that should exist have mysteriously disappeared.

If that’s the case, it is proof of a cover up.

I’ll keep you updated as the information continues to trickle in.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. This is much clearer so I would say the questions are : was it malfeasance of office by trying to intervene on behalf of the driver? Had the driver been drinking ? No field test ? The driver blew a cork over a parking space, was he influenced by drinking or because he felt protected by the two buddies? Why did the police ask Vince if he had been drinking, usually there is some indication to prompt that question ? Breath, speech, balance ? Did they interfere with police activity ? What did the two decide they were qualified to argue law? As I asked in the beginning of this comment, malfeasance of office by identifying themselves as El Paso government officials and expected special justice or intimidate the police? Why was nothing said or reported of an individual impeding traffic by blocking the other car?

    You’re correct Martin, the average citizen wouldn’t have gotten off so lightly. The majority of the El Paso police are not known for being “Bobby” like, you know the Bitish officer doesn’t use handcuffs and politely asks the perp to enter the police car.

    Maybe the police were concerned about being reassigned to walking a beat, night shift in Asarco or the Devils Triangle, alone.

  2. Maybe is was Jaimie in the car with them? Would you want that in the papers if you were Vince and Claudia?

    1. I do believe you are right, now this incident happened during the time he was on probation or right after? Well doesn’t matter, if it was Jaime would look to good on him or them either way.

  3. I say it was Jaime, remember in those text messages between Jaime and Claudia, he calls her & Vince “Family.” Must suck for him having to be the dog on the leash, can’t run for office because of his past, has to live in the shadows being the number 2 guy. I bet it’s a living hell having to bow down to others because he can’t be the elected official or is to scared to run for office himself. Maybe if he got the balls to run himself he would see how people truly feel about him. Come on Jaime run for office win a seat. I he is truly the people’s voice then the people will elect him don’t you think?

  4. V is Jesse Gandara. He and that fat slob Jaime should run for something together. It would be like Hillary and Trump.

    They kinda look a like too.

  5. Ask for transcripts of all calls to 911 or EPPD on that date and around that time. Ask if there were any phone calls with the DA’s Office or any of the EPPD supervisors on Duty that night around that time to include all radio transmissions on their regular band and secure bands.

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