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The Firing of Jeremy Jordan

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9 Responses

  1. JR Ewing comes to El Paso says:

    If that’s all Jordan said, that’s not harassment. Offensive comments that could been settled with a letter in his record as a warning. It wasn’t so offensive that it merited termination. It merited termination if the behavior continued or this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. At worst, it was a bad attempt to interject humor.

    It used to be said if the lady likes you, the comments won’t be offensive however if there is dislike, then drop the hammer. No offense Jordan, perhaps if you had been a young single Novella star, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

    This bs was a tit for tat with the firing of the employees and for the council members to distance themselves from the actions. They had plenty to hide so scape goat them. They’re just “lil people”.

    Why isn’t there any investigation or inquires about the county connection to Ordaz during the council meetings. And who knows what other interference occurred. Why was Niland so forgiving of the perv for ridiculing her and betraying her trust? Why would she even be discussing her personal issues with him? For all we know was to protect her future political ambitions. I can say that discussion of personal issues between two married people, married to others, is a good way to create malicious rumors.

    All this is going on in council and the county, didn’t it ever occur to any of them that prospective industry and families do their home work before moving. The school corruption, second within five years didn’t help. Throw up all the skyscrapers you want, continue buying toys or legacy memorabilia and ignoring the infrastructure. Keep believing that people will ignore the bad or and stampede to move to El Paso. At this point, even the Juarez government entities have a better image.

  2. Gabby says:

    The guy is a pig. Had this been an Hispanic staffer that made a comment like that to Nikand can you imagine what would happen? Media would be all over it.

    He should have been ford for that comment. But karma got him first.

  3. Thomas says:

    Jordan father is Hispanic and his mother is native American nice try. Martin’s story is total bullshit and mostly a fabrication. There was never as single official charge of harassment brought against Jordan at the city substantiated or was he ever found guilty of family violence. Let’s not let the truth get in the way of a tall tail
    What did happen and Martin doesn’t want to address it because it goes against his false narrative the fact is Niland and the city failed to allow a thing called due process and yep Jordan has the grounds to sue the ass of of Niland and the city for it if he wanted too and Niland and the city knows it.
    Martin when you make a ORR at the city ask for archive e-mails and documents where you get the whole story. Niland’s e-mail on the safety devices are in the archives.
    Hey I would tell Jordan to pull an Emma Acosta on the city and walk away with a bag of money for them being stupid.
    Like many we have known all of this and the other non-sense claims for a half year or more. Martin has just been real slow on the up take about this story and only has a very half baked cherry picked version then again let’s not let a thing called facts and truth get in the way.

  4. Robb Chavez says:

    Jordan is still a “pig,” regardless of his ethnicity. Having been a snitch for Niland is prima facie evidence of his porkitude.

    She’s doing a fine job of providing a treasure trove of dirt for her opponents in the upcoming mayoral race. But Niland is so oblivious to her political & other excesses that Cortney’s campaign slogan may as well be “Swine Is Fine.”

  5. Thomas says:

    Robb Chavez
    All based on nothing more than speculation,conjecture, innuendo. Then when proven with facts the truth still doesn’t matter. Yep your a moron and speaks volumes about some elect in El Paso supporters. Then again let’s not let facts and truth get in the way in a very poor attempt to disparaging some one some may not like because of their political vain or who they work for.
    So Robb and Gabby step up and produce real proof,not opinions, bull shit, not water cooler gossip, Jordan did something wrong. Even the women who made the claims could not even get their story straight to what was actually said. It was kind of like, was sort of a long the lines is the general gist of their claims. Majority of people can tell you what someone one said when something is said that offends them. Not in the case!
    You Robb and Gabby are perfect example of the slogan El Paso Stupid, El Paso proud!
    Oh Martin did you even take the time to reach out to Jordan on the issue it should not have been very hard since you have several friends who know how to get in easy contact with him?
    Let us let you in on the big secret or at least one blogger thinks is a secret, that being the want to be “Double Knot Spy”of El Paso government David K, Niland is the one feeding the information has been told by staff and others not to did but then again she is not the only one doing this on CC. Ordaz, Noe and Acosta are known to be feeding local bloggers information and have been told not to do it to but these idiots do not listen either. Given time it will come back to bite them.

  6. Gabby says:

    Women have to deal with pigs making inappropriate comments like that all the time. Given his family violence charge I can see see why he was fired.

    It’s terrible that women have to deal with this in this day and age.

  7. Anita says:

    Ordaz needs to send the perv back to Arizona to face charges.

  8. Thomas says:

    Shows how stupid you are the charge was dropped at the behest of the D.A. because it was not true. The Times did a story and KVIA also. Guess poorly informed racist sexist pigs like you keep perpetuating the lie.
    Let’s help the stupid people out with the truth
    El Paso Times
    Aileen B. Flores, El Paso Times 3:48 p.m. MDT April 14, 2016

  9. Ed Funk says:

    Who in the blue hell is Jeremy Jordan? Was he Courtney Niland’s burrito boy?

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