On September 21, Claudia Ordaz Perez filed for divorce. Both Ordaz-Perez and Vince Perez are representing themselves in the divorce court proceedings. The case is pending in the 388th District Court.

Rumors about a pending divorce began to circulate on October 12, 2021, when Claudia Ordaz Perez moved out of her home to run for the Texas House representative seat then held by Art Fierro rather than run to keep her seat against Lina Ortega. The Texas legislature had adopted new legislative district maps effectively forcing Ordaz-Perez to run against Lina Ortega to keep her seat.

Claudia Ordaz-Perez defeated Fierro for the District 75 seat with 65% of the vote during the 2022 March Primaries. Ordaz-Perez currently holds the District 76 seat – which was removed in the new districts – and is expected to take over the District 75 seat in January. Fierro is currently seeking the city council District 6 seat, against incumbent Claudia Rodriguez.

Vince Perez is working as a political consultant and is a partner in the political technology startup Fair Data. Most recently Vince Perez was collecting signatures to stop the University Medical Center of El Paso (UMC) from issuing non-voter approved debt. Vince Perez did not submit the signatures his organization collected and it is unknown how many signatures he gathered. However, the Libre Initiative, led locally by Karla Sierra, collected enough signatures to halt UMC’s efforts to issue $345.7 million in certificates of obligations.

Vince Perez is currently working on the Isabel Salcido campaign. Salcido is running for reelection to keep her District 5 seat. Challenging Salcido are Richard Genera and Felix Muñoz.

According to the divorce petition filed by Claudia Ordaz Perez, the couple were married on November 26, 2016, and separated on July 17, 2022. The boilerplate divorce petition cites that the reason for the divorce is that “the marriage has become insupportable due to discord or conflict of personalities” and that they do not have “any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.” The couple does not have any children, according to the court filing.

Ordaz-Perez, in the filing says that the couple will agree on how to divide the community property and their debt. She added that she will be keeping her home on David Carrasco and her 2008 Saturn Vue automobile. Claudia Perez asks the court to order that her name be changed back to Claudia Lizette Ordaz.

Vince Perez has not filed a response to the divorce petition as of a few hours ago.

The next scheduled court hearing for the divorce is scheduled for February 8, 2023.

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