09may16Today, I am faced with having to discard the post I had ready to go for today. Instead I am writing a new one because Jim Tolbert undeniably pulled off an unexpected win on Saturday. Tolbert is now the District 2 representative and depending on how quickly the City is able to move he may be voting on city business as early as the next meeting. That brings us to his public policy agenda.

Tolbert’s public policy agenda is clearly environmental followed very closely by Susie Byrd’s agenda. Byrd’s agenda is clearly the agenda that is being driven by Veronica Escobar. In many ways, the Tolbert environmental agenda is compatible to the Veronica Escobar public policy agenda. However, when it comes to a much needed vote at the city to reinforce the Escobar public policy agenda, make no mistake, Jim Tolbert will vote against the environment to further the Escobar agenda.

It is unfortunate but it is the reality.

The election results came down to the undeniable fact that Byrd was able to mobilize her core demographic and get them to the polls. At no time, was Tolbert’s dominance at risk as the other contenders were never able to mobilize any significant amount of voters to cast a vote for them.

It wasn’t even close.

The Veronica Escobar public agenda policy is clear and unequivocal. It is using taxpayer monies to create the illusion of a thriving city. Unfortunately, the model has been proven to fail. For proof of this, look no further than at the failure of the El Paso Children’s Hospital and how it has become another drain upon the taxpayers. The ballpark fiasco is following the same failed model.

For years, the illusion that the children’s hospital was viable without taxpayer assistant was carried for as long as possible. Of course Bob Moore helped to keep that illusion intact. This was true even though the evidence showed, from the beginning, that the finances of the children’s hospital is unsustainable.

Likewise, the fiasco of the ballpark is being sustained as a viable financial success for the taxpayers even though the financial model created to build it is showing signs of unsustainability leading to the taxpayers being forced to shore up the finances.

The reason the façade of the failed public policy agenda model is the future of El Paso is allowed to continue is because individuals like Jim Tolbert are put in place to assure the public policy agenda remains in place.

As much as this is the truth, it is also true that Susie Byrd and cohorts have built a constituency that they can summon to the polls to elect the appropriate individuals into the places that they are needed to keep their agenda in place.

Jim Tolbert’s dominance in the District 2 race to replace Larry Romero has proven this.

Now this leads us the question that many dare not ask out loud.

Was Bob Moore’s targeting of Larry Romero part of a broader plan to make way for Tolbert? Yes, I am aware of the endorsement of the newspaper of de Aztlan. However, who benefits the most from Romero being ousted from office and Tolbert filling in?

Also, ask yourself, why is it that Bob Moore continues to target the city manager, Tommy Gonzalez?

Is it because the city manager is an impediment to the agenda and must be removed?

Those are important questions to ponder as Jim Tolbert starts to cast votes at city council meetings.

Finally, did you notice the “like” from Bob Moore? It should make you wonder how objective he can be when faced with covering city politics in his paper.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Let me be the first to offer up a big ole helping of cold crow for Anita. Anita bon appetit! Would you like to super size that order?
    With all the love!

  2. Bob Moore is anything but objective. He is unprofessional and unethical. Unfortunately, we can’t put him before an ethics committee.

  3. Finally, you got something right Angie. It looks like Bob Moore supports Tolbert, the two skanks and the perv. Thomas, congratulations about the success of your old white male agenda. Martin should run the photos of the two skanks partying with the perv again.

    1. Anita
      Nope it was not about color is was about stupid in El Paso not getting elected. Yep you are a racist and sexist and to stupid to help your self much less breath. Let us let you in a fact to get elected in El Paso you have to a have a majority support of the Hispanic voters then like most whites most Hispanic voters are no racist like you do no vote race but who can most effectively do the job. Yep Anita go take another peyote button and walk with your spirit god in the name of PC B.S. diversity were you can claim imbecilic professional victim hood by whitey.

      1. “Yep you are a racist and sexist and to stupid to help your self much less breath.” Thomas, you’re “too” racist, sexist and stupid to write an understandable sentence.

      2. Anita
        We are not the one who played the race or sex card you were dummy. In addition you clearly have zero problem understanding what was posted. Then again you have no other defense for your stupidity but to try deflect your state of total ignorance on others. Anita you can lick me! 3,2,1 quick throw the victim card!

      3. Lick it? I doubt that I could even find it. Go buy a dictionary and learn to spell.

  4. Byrd indeed has a direct line to the Times. Here’s the chronology

    Aug 2015 – Byrd is upset that her street in District 2 didn’t get paved. She contacted the Times, who added Romero to their campaign to discredit Gonzalez

    Sept 2015 – Tolbert starts his political blog that maligns Romero and Gonzalez

    December 2015 – Tolbert files ethics complaint against Romero and Gonzalez, citing the Times articles as evidence

    March 2015 – Tolbert files to run for District 2 seat with Susie Byrd as advisor

  5. While Anita, Angie and Thomas call each other names, Byrd’s political machine has be re-hauled and is ready to take over City government again. Thanks for trying to inform people, Martin, but apparently few really care.

    1. There is a difference in what I said. I detest discrimination and reverse discrimination. I dislike the fools who vote blindly because someone is the “same” as them.

      Martin, and the other bloggers, did provide information, but unfortunately, none of the candidates were great. The finance guy might have been good, but he really did not campaign. And anyone who runs against Tolbert and wins will be subject to a witch hunt because he does not get his way

  6. abandon hope
    You could have vetted a candidate who suited your interest. Did you go, show up and support any one with help, money, your time? If you do not like the Byrd’s political machine how about getting off your lazy ass and setting up a better one than Byrd’s that the voters want to follow. It takes more than being a keyboard warrior and mailing it in. Hey that may just work! You and others have about a year to get your act together so don’t sit whine about it get up and act. Bet you don’t! Like most in El Paso you want someone else to do the work and heavy lifting for you. Hey here is a crazy idea how about Anita, Angie or you run for a seat on the CC if you guys think your ideas are good enough to get people to back you and vote for you. Run baby run! Only thing stopping you is you!

    1. Absolutely agree with you. There’s a year to do something and I’m pretty sure someone will step forward. Byrd may have the ear of the Times, but hardly anyone reads it anyway.

  7. Anita you sound like a man who is taking cover under a woman’s name. You demonstrate a clear case of penis envy, stop blaming the world for your tiny penis.

  8. Byrd did contact Romero to find out if her side street, Louisiana, would be resurfaced. An open records request will show that this happened. Romero looked into Byrd’s question and found that the convoy of large resurfacing machines had moved on and would not return to Byrd’s neighborhood. Byrd’s side street didn’t get resurfaced. She didn’t like this so she contacted the Times with the lousy “street gate” story, encouraged Tolbert to run and the rest is history. If Louisiana St. next to Byrd’s house had been resurfaced would there have been a Street Gate? Makes you wonder.

  9. I heard a rumor that Jim Tolbert was a member of the Rolling 60s Crips. His gang name was “Susie’s Little Pet”.

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