Last week I asked you who you wanted me to cartoon next. In the coming weeks I plan on cartooning others so that I can eventually have a complete set of those who are working together to tax you to death. The results of the poll that I put up on my blog last week, asking you who you wanted me to cartoon next, surprised me. You overwhelmly chose one individual over the rest. She was the individual I put in as filler to my poll.

In case you missed the Jaime Abeytia cartoon that started this series you can click here to check it out. Cartooning some political operatives gives me the ability to flex my freehand, my Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills. It also allows me to enjoy a laugh or two as I set out to create them.

After Donald Trump announced he was running for president I was all set to create a cartoon of him. However, a mop over a head is tired and old and some guy beat me by creating a piñata of Donald Trump. Frankly there was nothing I could do to top that off. Just so you know, I can’t wait to order my own piñata of Donald Trump so that Landon and his friends can whack him good.

Besides, you all clearly wanted a Cortney Niland cartoon. As always, I try to give you all what you want.

Cortney Niland was your overwhelming choice, followed by Bob Moore. I was surprised David Karlsruher only received one vote. I had it worked out in my mind but in the end you all rule. Eventually I’ll get to David. However, I was surprised that Peter Svarzbein did not land a single vote.

I guess no one wants to see a cartoon of him. However, now that I’m on Peter Svarzbein it occurs to me that some of you are wondering what political faction he is on.

Wonder no more, in tomorrow’s edition I’ll show you clearly what political faction he is representing.

Don’t worry, it won’t be one of those dreaded long-winded blog posts some of you hate. As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. Additionally, for those of you that voted for him, there is another picture of him that explains Svarzbein’s maturity level that no amount of words I could write would clearly show you. I’ll let the two pictures speak for themselves.

I’ve been thinking about whether to share the second image that a reader had shared with me. The subject matter is something I normally do not allow on my blog. However, I believe it is important that you see it with your own eyes so you can see what kind of individual it is that will be representing District 1 voters.

If you are easily offended, do not scroll down to the second image.

For now, enjoy Cortney Niland and don’t hesitate to let me know I missed something. As always feel free to let me know who you want to see me cartoon next.

Cortney Niland Cartoon 2015


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