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There are some of you who still wonder about what political faction Peter Svarzbein belongs to. As soon as it became evident that District 1 would be represented by either Al Weisenberger or Peter Svarzbein, I knew that the tax spenders were still firmly in control. When I wrote that it didn’t matter who won the runoff, some of you argued that Weisenberger and Svarzbein represented two separate special interests groups and that anyone associated with Ann Morgan Lilly would be worse than the other would. Some of you voted against Weisenberger for that reason.

The fact is that when it comes to the Horde, either candidate is good for them. You only need to look at the campaign contributions made by Woody Hunt to understand that. Where the special interests diverged is in the divide between the “old money” and the “progressives” faction that sprung up from the Veronica Escobar, Beto O’Rourke and Susie Byrd faction that evolved from the Ray Caballero alliance with Eliot Shapleigh and Jose Rodriguez.

Both factions are beholden to the largess from Woody Hunt and Paul Foster and both will support tax-spending initiatives that the Foster-Hunt horde wants. However, there are numerous other special interests that are vying for control at city hall. One group, the “old money” has been effectively represented by Ann Morgan Lilly and Cortney Niland. The case of the Margarita Cabrera Uplift sculpture is one example of the type of advantage this faction levies upon the city council.

The other faction is the one being driven by Veronica Escobar. Currently she has Beto O’Rourke, Susie Byrd, Vince Perez and Claudia Ordaz firmly working on the public policy agenda embarked upon by Ray Caballero. Peter Svarzbein was just added to this cabal.

Rather than bore you with a detailed boring post I am going to let the following image clearly lay it out for you.


(Please note, if you are easily offended stop reading here as the next image may offend some of you.)

Now you can clearly see why Jaime Abeytia and David Karlsruher have gone after each other. Abeytia is the political operative for Veronica Escobar. Karlsruher, on the other hand, acts on behalf of his mother who supports the “old money” of the Upper Westside elite. Both useful idiots act on behalf of their masters. When their masters are supporting a Horde initiative, they act in unison. When the Horde is not interested in the issue, both default to the needs of their individual masters.

Unfortunately, for you, the taxpayer, Peter Svarzbein is nothing more than a tool for those that are managing him. He just does not have the maturity to be an independent thinker, and thus he is malleable to the will of the Veronica Escobar faction.

Again, rather than bore you with a lengthy explanation I will let the following image speak for itself.


(UPDATE on June 25, 2015 at 08:46am ET) I have removed the picture because Jonny Svarzbein has written that the picture is of him rather than of Peter. I wrote to Jonny that I would leave the comments in place, although they reference the picture in question because many of them point out that the picture is of Jonny. In addition, many were humorous.

The image was sent to me by a reader that wishes to remain anonymous.

The “old money” lost a vote with Ann Morgan Lilly and the loss of Al Weisenberger. Escobar gained one in Peter Svarzbein. As you can see, Peter Svarzbein will do as he is told by Veronica Escobar and cohorts.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

107 replies on “Veronica Escobar’s Newest Team Member: Peter Svarzbein”

  1. Another emasculated official. She must like mountain oysters. No wonder she doesn’t do well with other women. No mountain oysters there.

    How can these emasculated boys live with themselves, day after day living in fear of making a decision without her aproval. Just go to the office, sit there and wait for instructions on what she wants done or said. I would resist and if that failed, resign the position and explain to the public that there is only one voice and one agenda, hers.

    If we can’t get her off the throne, can we at least shorten the legs on the throne. Every single policy or program she developed, has been a failure and complete chaos. Yet the fools sit patiently waiting for their instructions.

    District 1 was doomed regardless of the victor of the election. Trolley boy won and if he is a good boy, he will be awarded an electric motor child’s scooter with a matching cap and spinning propeller on top of the cap. He has no idea of what he has gotten into nor what he has to do. He, too will sit and wait patiently for instructions and a lolly pop. What a disaster we have created. A city and county iin financial shambles being ruled by a pretended-a-veteran supporter. Of course she only supports veterans during the campaigns. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t spit in our beer during her stint as a bartender for veterans.

  2. I don’t care for Svarz, but do not see what the big deal is with that photo…assuming that wannabe Che is even him. Pictures of “youthful indiscretions” will be the rule not exception as everybody lives online.

    1. Oh my… I hope you realize that is not even a picture of Peter! That’s a picture of his younger brother. Oy vey…Maybe you should have fact-checked before writing this ridiculous piece.

  3. Hahahaha, I just read it again:”Again, rather than bore you with a lengthy explanation I will let the following image speak for itself.” And then it shows a picture of his brother. Too funny!! Thanks for today’s good laugh.

  4. What can I say, Henry? It’s been a rough morning, I needed a good pick-me-up and nothing gets me goin like pure idiocy!

  5. Lol. Ok… Amused, If you say so, but think about it, who looks worse on this one? You or the author? Hmmm, some room for speculation, I would say.

  6. If you want an image of Peter acting like a clown, look for the Asarco protest video on YouTube by Laura Bustilos. The most ridiculous footage of him on EPT was was taken down. It was of the same protest and the same stupid hat, except he was dancing around like a fool.

  7. Dearest Henry: Conundrum! I’m thinking about it real hard. Who looks worse? The author who is (at best) a *shockingly* lazy and sloppy writer and/or (at worst) a conniving and malicious individual….or the informed, rightfully amused reader who called him out on his massively gross incompetence? I’ll get back to you when I have an answer. Thanks for the thought provoking question, Hen. Love, Amused

  8. I have context for this particular photo. Just before it was taken, a close friend of Svarzbein’s walked by, having just eaten a cup of Garden Vegan soup from a Gelson’s Market across the street. He saw Svarzbein, waved and said “hey,” and then this man, in a fit of rage I can only describe as Tyson-esque, gave this respectable person a middle finger aka “bird” as his three other friends laughed and laughed (and some launched “birds” of their own!)

    I do not support this man for County Supervisor on Beef Measure A.

  9. That picture is Jonny Svarzbein. Jonny runs the show Tuesday Night Thunder in Los Angeles! Come out to TNT this Tuesday at The Clubhouse starting at 8 pm and ending with the TNT JAM at 11:15 ish!!!!

  10. What kind of elected official would allow his brother to be photographed in a ‘Hitler beard’?

      1. As the creator of the universe, I can verify that you are incorrect – not everyone loves eggplant. Including me, God. (I mean, it’s okay, I just don’t love it.)

  11. I don’t know Peter at all but that is his brother, someone I know in the LA comedy community as a raving lunatic. As someone who has a crazy weirdo as a brother it is not fair to hold Peter accountable for his freaky brother’s behavior. Obviously we can’t have a politician who had flipped anyone off ever so that would be unacceptable, but you got the wrong guy! Didn’t Jesus have a rude brother too?

      1. Amber, have you seen your father Russ? We were in West Side Story together. Anyway, I am dead.

  12. Hey look, it’s NOT PETER! It’s his brother Jonny, who is literally making this gesture as part of his work as a sketch comedian in LA. As a friend of both Svarzbein brothers, I think I can speak for Jonny in saying thanks for the free publicity! (Look at all his videos on Funny Or Die and for Peter I will say, his desire to help make El Paso a world-class city is sincere and he’s shown dogged determination to follow-through with all the projects he’s undertaken for that town. Y’all should be grateful to have someone who legitimately cares in office.


  13. This laughable case of mistaken identity has derailed this comments section and you’re all ridiculous. I think it’s time we focus on the real issue: Jonny Svarzbein is a know fan of the mellow rock-reggae band 311. This is unacceptable behavior and he had to have learned it somewhere. If his brother had such a bad influence on the younger Sverzbein, what will he do to this city?

  14. That photo is Jonny Svarzbein he put a baby in me once and when it came out it looked like David Cross so I told them take it back but I should have left it in a dumpster with the rest of Jonny’s many, many offspring but instead I am gonna go eat pasta because I like the way it makes my poop smell after I do. Also I’ll be at that TNT show if anyone wants to come punch me in the face for wanting to put Jonny’s baby in a dumpster.


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  17. EL Paso News? More like I’ll-Pass-on-reading-this News! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

  18. But in all seriousness, Jonny Svarzbein is a delightful human and I’m sure if his brother is half as kind as he is, he’s going to do a great job. Next time don’t be so quick to throw hate that you can’t even fact check a picture sent by an “anonymous source”.

  19. Once again, Martin is correct. ” Many will read, few will admit it”. The amusement is those that attack the blog but come back for more!

    1. Of course, Noam.
      I embrace you from behind. My lips kiss your neck and trace your shoulder.

  20. I reach up and run my fingers through your beard. Your lips catch my pinkie. You suck on it. I can feel your manhood thickening behind me.

  21. Haha, this was pretty funny. And I should know. I’m a professional comedian.

    1) That is not a picture of my brother, it is a picture of me, that you took out of context while one of your “anonymous source friends” were creeping around my Facebook page. Not illegal by any means, but pretty lame. Actually, super lame. Didn’t even let me know you were going to use it. What a journalist you are.

    2) I do not represent my brother or his political views or campaign or anything related to politics in El Paso. So anything I do should be considered independent from my Brother’s political life.

    3) You can see me perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in Los Angeles with my improv comedy team Landlord, my sketch comedy team Bonafide or hosting the weekly show “The Cagematch”. I also host an indie improv show at The Clubhouse called “Tuesday Night Thunder”. Non-sequitur, sure. But if you’re going to troll my Facebook page, I might as well get some show plugs in. Hi Ronnie Adrian!

    4) You are lame and bad at what you do. Check who is actually in the photo next time, idiot.

    5) Go Eagles!

    1. Dark and lonely on the summer night.
      Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
      Watchdog barking – Do he bite?
      Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
      Slip in his window,
      Break his neck!
      Then his house
      I start to wreck!
      Got no reason —
      What the heck!
      Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
      C-I-L-L …
      My landlord.

    2. That man is an imposter! Having said that, I agree with everything he stated.

  22. That’s not Peter, It’s by boy, Jonny.

    All of 311 Songs Reviewed (Short Version)
    Song #62 of 182- “I’ll Be Here Awhile” from From Chaos (2001)

    Why this song didn’t become more popular than Amber, I’ll never know. It’s a sweeter song and it makes more sense. Sure, the song could use more SA, but Nick is putting his voice to work the best way he can. The acoustic guitar is a nice touch, as it’s not often heard in 311 songs. The song does fall a little flat and the acoustic version much better. However, it’s a great way to end a very uneven album, and might be the best songwriter, lyrics-wise, so far.

    7.5 Positive Vibes (Out of 10 Positive Vibes)

  23. I like hats and I like photos. One thing, I don’t like is INCORRECT photos. This article is about Peter Svarzbein, but there is a photo of Jonny Svarzbein, he’s tight. I know this because I know ALL the tight people in LA. If this photo isn’t corrected within two hours, I’ll make a new song called, “Happy 2.”

  24. I share your disgust with “old money” and would welcome all like-minded El Pasonians to the New Money show every second Wednesday of the month at the UCB Sunset Theatre in Hollywood.

  25. Not sure if someone already pointed this out (apologies if so), but the picture you used of “Peter Svarzbein” is actually of California comedian Tim Chang. An honest mistake, I’m sure, but please correct ASAP so as not to mislead the electorate. God bless!

  26. I’m a big shot Hollywood director and I’d like to buy the rights to your story! I have david cross and Amber tamblyn attached to the project

  27. Look I don’t like where this is all going. The fact of the matter are there a lot of legitimate questions about Peter and exactly where his loyalties lie.

    I appreciate this blog because I don’t have a lot of time to research things myself. (Shooting commercials is hard work even though the pay is nice!!! Right Casey? Sergio?) #setlife

    1. As the creator of the universe, I can verify that this man is a boss when it comes to booking acting work. #setlife #getit #work

    2. As the creator of the universe, I can verify that actor Casey Feigh is jealous of actor Baraka Hardley.

      1. Since I am infallible, I will iterate that this was not a typo caused by me Internet surfing while driving, but that there is a Hollywood named Baraka Hardley AND one named Barak Hardley. (Baraka is better, but you didn’t hear that from me, creator of the universe.)

  28. We are so disappointed in you. Next time maybe you should go with the lengthy explanation. because pictures don’t tell story’s especially when you post a picture that isn’t even the man your talking about.

    1. Also did that rash clear up?

      p.s. your father says I’m not using the internet correctly, like he’d know!

  29. This is dumb, and so is whoever wrote it. I’m sorry I fucked up when I made you.

  30. The silliness is whomever is posting those juvenile comments as parents and at the highest level of stupidity as God.

    The comments are not even funny.

  31. You make fun of Svarbein, and an army of unemployed hipsters come out of the shadows to defend their role model. I can’t stand so-called “artists” that need to continuously spout off political rhetoric in an effort to lend credence to their “work” and pathetic career choices. Newsflash, protest art and music ended in the sixties. You are not Bob Dylan or The Beatles. Drawing chalk art at the local coffee shop around the corner does nothing for society, no matter how much you expound on the horrors of US hegemony and corporatism. The problem I see with Svarzbein is that he is going to give these loons a reason to continue doing nothing in the hopes that if they blow enough hot air, one day they will be elected city councilman from some place in West Texas, and will never have to eat ramen for dinner ever again. You know who you are, unemployed hipster.

    1. Real or troll? Did you happen to pick up on the fact that the blogger used a picture of the councilman’s brother, and that all of the comments are from acquaintances of the brother, not the councilman?

      1. I would be honored. Thanks for sharing! P.s. did anybody see Taft-Farley at TNT last night? Holy cow!

    2. Hi Manny!

      Half of us have come back from the grave to let you know that in fact, we are The Beatles. Though music has long sustained us, we have chosen to use this brief respite from the horrors of hell to dabble in internet comedy. True, protest art appears to be dead. But you’ll be happy to know that pointless, empty comedy is alive and well! We can’t wait to start contributing to Thought Catalog and Clickhole.

      With love,
      John, Paul, George, Ringo and Pete Best

  32. Handy Fan,

    STEAMED? Not really, I’m not a thin skinned unemployed hipster, like some commenting on this blog.

  33. Serious,

    Doesn’t change the fact that all the unemployed hipsters still see the councilman as their role model, for reasons I detailed in my first comment (did you catch the subtleties in that one?)

  34. You guys should read the writings of Wayland McQueen because he really nails what makes the band 311 special.

  35. And the Svarzbein boys and their dadda’s money at work. Oh that we could all live off of minimalist talent. All it takes is a golden pacifier– and a beard.

    1. Oh, but you know what’s really oh so funny? The ironies man. First you have politicians who win elections thanks to Citizens United and the superpacs it made possible (and thanks to the wife’s daddy’s money) campaign fining against superpacs. Then you have the journalists and moral pedestal high queen from Chucopeddler–by way of Nee York– calling this post creepy while she creepily stalks the blogs she so disdains. It just doesn’t get richer than that you white liberals, right Debbie?

  36. Way to go, Manny. Seems like the Svarzbein brothers consist of a not-funny comedian and the other is a hack photographer, “conceptual artist” and now politico. He makes a better hipster version of a McDonald’s Grimace.

  37. 105 comments. Wow! Do you all realize you just gave more attention to this blogger than any other local blogger in the El Paso bloggesphere. Amazing! Little Boy David K, Ali Babba, little Budda, the Martian has just made guys look like minimal and you don’t even realize it. Lol. Consider yourselves played. Wow! From an observer and concerned citizen.

  38. Amazing, that all this babbling crap was generated by one D-list TV comic. Jonny, you gotta ration the crystal blue persuasion. That stuff can kill you!

    Look, Peter’s a tool, but no reason to act out by proving what a defective bloodline he stems from. Petey’s perfectly capable of doing that himself!

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