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This week's headlines were dominated by the city's audit of the gasoline use by city representatives, the climate charter scheduled for a vote on May 6 and the lifting of Title 42.
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This week’s headline news was dominated by the firing of El Paso’s second city manager, Tommy Gonzalez. After a marathon city council meeting, city council voted four to four to provide the required 120-day notice to Tommy Gonzalez that his services as city manager are no longer required.

The meeting and the vote was contentious as a city council clearly divided split evenly to fire Gonzalez. The mayor, Oscar Leeser, who normally does not vote, cast the tie breaking vote to fire Gonzalez. It is unclear when Gonzalez’ last day is, but his official last day in office will be 120 days from Tuesday.

However, Gonzalez has accrued leave days which may see Gonzalez leaving the city sooner than the 120-days stipulated in his contract.

In other news, that may be related to the firing of Tommy Gonzalez, is the letter of admonition city council issued to representative Joe Molinar for an undisclosed harassment complaint made against him. Molinar’s censure was the last item at the city council meeting. Like the firing of Gonzalez, it was contentious as well.

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