By: Dee & Adair Margo

On March 28, Brian Kennedy, Joe Molinar, Alex Annello, Art Fierro and Mayor Oscar Leeser – for no expressed cause or reason- voted to terminate Tommy Gonzalez, the first Mexican-American to be recognized for his leadership and excellence by the Malcolm Baldridge Foundation with the David Spong Lifetime Achievement Award. As El Paso’s City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez has moved our city forward with big muscle steps, making it a better place to live, work, and invest. Recall how we were the most inoculated population for COVID in Texas as a result of his leadership. We are financially sound with a good bond rating. Yet 5 members of city council think he’s in the way. The truth is, THEY are in the way. Two of them – Brian Kennedy (district 1) and Art Fierro (district 6) – have served for only two months and need to be recalled. El Paso deserves representatives who move our city forward – not backward!

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Former Mayor Dee Margo and First Lady of El Paso Adair Margo

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  1. This is all about how much he is paid. Period. You want good talent? You have to pay for it. The people want to pay $50,000 per year for somebody who could make at least 1/2 a million doing similar work in the private sector. May the people get what they deserve.

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