In our last article, El Paso Politics shared inappropriate messages between University Medical Center of El Paso (UMC) CEO, Jacob Cintron and El Paso Children’s Hospital’s CEO Cindy Stout that we came across during our review of documents received under the Texas Public Information Act from UMC. As we noted in the previous article, we have come across numerous messages between the two CEOs that seem to violate UMC’s Code of Conduct. Because of the voluminous number of pages, we are still in the process of reviewing the information we have. However, we decided to publish copies of what seem to be obvious violations of the code of conduct because it involves individuals in positions of trust in organizations funded by tax dollars. Today we are publishing a new set we believe are important for the community to know about. We have also received numerous requests asking for copies of the originals that we have. In response to the requests, we are publishing the original documents received via open records.

CEOs Denigrate Staff And Interfere In Board Oversight

In the new set of open records communications from UMC CEO Jacob Cintron that we are publishing today, readers will see how Cintron and El Paso Children’s Hospital’s CEO Cindy Stout discuss board members tasked with oversight of their operations.

In the first message exchange from May 3, 2019, readers can observe how the two CEOs are discussing how to involve the Human Resources Department over an employee, Taylor Moreno, Ted Houghton and other board members. The message exchange shows how Jacob Cintron is injecting himself into the children’s board, although the children’s hospital argues that it is an independent organization separate from UMC. They discuss bringing in other board members in an apparent attempt to terminate Taylor Moreno.

Click here to download the May 3, 2019 document.

In the second set of messages, the two CEOs are discussing Ted Houghton again and his request for bankruptcy documents. The messages suggest that Houghton is passing off documents to others.

Click here to download the Ted Houghton document.

In the third set of messages, the two CEOs discuss Taylor Moreno and denigrate Ryan Mielke, UMC’s Director of Public Affairs. In these messages from May 9, 2019, a message exchange between Mielke and Audrey (we cannot confirm her last name) is forwarded to Cindy Stout.

Audrey and Mielke discuss the departure of Dennece Knight, who was the foundation’s executive director at the time. In response to the forwarded message, Jacob Cintron calls his subordinate, Ryan Mielke an “idiot”.

Click here to download the May 9, 2019 document.

Readers should note that after Knight left the organization, Estela Casas stepped in. In late March, Estela Casas abruptly resigned her position at the foundation. Our attempts to seek comment from both Dennece Knight and Estela Casas about their experiences at the two organizations have been unsuccessful. We will continue to attempt to get a comment from both.

In another message between the two CEOs, this one on February 22, 2019, they discussed hiring a financial analyst “because we could train him.”

Click here to download the February 22, 2019 document.

Original Open Records Documents

After we published our first set of open records documents suggesting serious violations of UMC’s Code of Conduct last week, we received several requests for copies of the originals that we have in our possession. Some of the requests are from news media outlets.

We have decided to publish them here so that all readers can have access to them equally.

July 20, 2018, message about the suicide at the Providence Medical Plaza. Click here to download the document.

November 29, 2018, referring to a female executive as a “cucaracha”. Click here to download the document.

March 4, 2019, sexual innuendo “squeeze” and a referencing to getting marihuana. Click here to download the document.

March 5, 2019, another reference to “squeeze”. Click here to download the document.

May 10, 2019, sexual innuendo: “Large buns!!!” Click here to download the document.

May 16, 2019, discussing that Jack (Chapman) works for Rick Francis and thus is not suitable. Click here to download the document.

August 3, 2019, referring to individuals as “Mr Short Stuff” and “Del Shrimp”. Click here to download the document.

Note to news media outlets:
The documents we are publishing is the work product of numerous hours of analysis and we request that any use of our material respects the labor we have put into them by giving us proper credit for our work product.

Suggested cite: Open records document provided by El Paso Politics (

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  1. If you think nepotism is alive and well, Cintron has given new meaning to cronyism. He has hired at least 5 of his friends for salaries well into 6 figures( jobs that didn’t exist prior). One get paid close to half a million plus a bonus and Cintron had to hire another friend to do his job. One is supposed to be planning future expansions and never worked in a hospital prior to this position. Cintron purchased a surgery center, with el paso taxpayers money, to put his buddy out there running the place. His friend was supposed to be doing surgeries has done none in almost 2 years. His friend is totally inept. Why are we, the El Paso taxpayers, forking over MILLIONS so Cintron can surround himself with all of his friends. The MILLIONS of dollars should be going to help the citizens of El Paso pay for health care and medications. The board doesn’t seem to care what he does, they just bury their head in the sand!

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