As is the common denominator in a corrupt society the wagons have begun to circle and the “useful idiot”, also known as Jaime Abeytia is being put out to pasture. For those not in the know, a “useful idiot” is a political operative used by the powers that be to generate the back current buzz needed to put selective people in power. Jaime was one of the current elite’s “useful idiot’s” and now that his true nature is on public display he is no longer useful to them.

Unfortunately losing a “useful idiot”, like Jaime, is difficult to replace because “useful idiots” have a common trait that is difficult to find. They aspire for power but do not have the where-with-all to do what it takes to get it on their own. Rather they seek out the power base that will accept them and in order to garner their favor the “useful idiot” does what he is told to do.

The trouble with “useful idiots” is that the very thing that made them useful to the power-mongers, the lack of ethics, is the very thing that ultimately does them in. Jaime’s lack of ethics is now hunting him. As for the power-mongers, it’s time to discard a “useful-idiot” that now is no longer useful.

The modus operandi of the power-mongers is to first try and control the damage and hopefully limit the public damage in order to keep the “useful idiot” in play.

Enter Vince Perez and his immediate proclamation of it’s a difficult “personal matter”. As if it being a “personal matter” justified his criminal history. He added that he knew about Abeytia’s problems before he hired him as one of his employees, a position that pays over $40,000 a year of taxpayer monies.

Then comes in the other “useful idiot”, Jay Koester, formerly of the El Paso Times and now a writer/editor for The NCO Journal, a Fort Bliss periodical to try and limit the damage. Koester immediately went online to attempt to create the online buzz that showing explicit images to a child was nothing more than having a porn video and a vindictive ex-wife.

Unfortunately for Vince Perez and for the power-mongers, the indictment stating that Jaime Abeytia; “did then and there intentionally or knowingly exhibit to (a girl) who was then and there younger than 18 years of age, harmful material, to wit: image of adult female exposing her breasts” is just a tad too descriptive to spin so the emphasis becomes not of protecting the “useful idiot” but rather of protecting their own power bases, so  Abeytia is placed on unpaid leave in order to further “investigate” the allegations against Abeytia.

In other words, Vince Perez has terminated Jaime Abeytia’s payroll checks to appease the lynch mobs gathering around but since the “useful idiot” needs to feel like he’s not forgotten he is placed on “leave” until a deal can be brokered to keep him quiet. The problem is that Vince Perez’ “useful idiot” was other’s “useful idiot” and therefore preparations need to be made to limit the damage.

Permissions up the chain of command need to be gathered.

For Jaime, the “useful idiot” gravy train at the County is over with. His only hope at the moment is that his benefactors keep him out of jail. Oh, they will make promisesto him but in the end the “useful idiot’s” usefulness has come to an end for the power-mongers.

He will likely stay out of jail and may even get a bone here and there with “consulting” work, just enough to keep him eating but his rise to power has ended.

As for the power-mongers, their only concern at the moment is who to add to their “useful idiot” stable; Jay Koester and David Karlsruher are getting lonely.

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Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...