ep-pol-hitlistMany times commenters on my blog like to point out that blogs do not have the power to move votes from one candidate to another. They believe that blogs have little influence over the electorate. They are right to an extent. Blogs, by themselves, do not have the influence to motivate voters one way or another. Blogs are just a tool in an arsenal of tools that political operatives use in support of their agenda.

Some blogs do it willingly in the service of their masters, hence the useful idiots, while others do it unwillingly by allowing themselves to be used by political operatives. Other blogs are citizen journalists intent on informing a community and thus they serve the community by delivering the information that the news media is unable to or unwilling to report.

The blog’s influence over an election is usually the starting point for creating and amplifying a whisper campaign against a target across the wider audience that is the voter. Whisper campaigns are designed to discourage potential candidates from running for office or they are used to diminish a candidate’s potential. The blog is the vehicle used to amplify the propaganda throughout the voting community.

I am frequently challenged with the “prove it” rhetoric. In this post, I will show you exactly how a whisper campaign is amplified, its intent and the ramifications of the propaganda it created to hurt an individual.

Stephanie Townsend Allala has been singlehandedly waging a war against the political establishment for some time now. Townsend Allala’s single intent, from the onset, has been government transparency. The political establishment retaliated by attempting to demonize her motives. They attempted to create the notion that Stephanie Townsend Allala’s motives were self-serving and not the altruistic attempt to force the local government to explain itself to the voters.

When labelling her as “crazy” did not work, they attempted to create the notion that Townsend-Allala was going to run for office. The “running for office” propaganda was designed to paint her as just another politician trying to get her name in the news media as well as an attempt to make her out to be a liar to her supporters.

In my August 28, 2013, “How Useful Idiots Manipulate Public Perception: Case Study David Karlsruher and MaxPowers” blog post I explained to you how Ali Razavi, David Karlsruher and the Texas Tribune teamed up in an attempt to destroy Stephanie Townsend Allala’s credibility through rumormongering the lie about her running for office.

In that post, I showed you how the three came together to create the fictitious illusion in order to hurt Townsend Allala’s quest for government transparency. I connected the dots for you in order to show you how the useful idiots are used to create whisper campaigns, or propaganda, to further a political agenda. I was missing one piece in my connect-the-dots exposé – the connection between the politicians driving the public policy agenda and one of the useful idiots.

Thanks to Ali Razavi’s lack of morals and ethics I can now connect the missing dot for you between the public policy agenda destroying El Paso and the useful idiots being used as tools. Recently Razavi posted various email exchanges between himself and Veronica Escobar.

In a June 4, 2013 email exchange between the blogger and Veronica Escobar, about creating a whisper campaign against Oscar Leeser to help Steve Ortega in the mayoral race, Ali Razavi wrote to Escobar “There are some things that are serious business.” The blogger then added, “This is one of them…stopping Norma [Chavez], [Theresa] Caballero, STA [Stephanie Townsend Allala], and all those guys from getting back into the game.”

In that response was the clear Political Hit List that the political establishment was going after. Veronica Escobar responded approximately 5 minutes later agreeing to provide the documents for the whisper campaign they were attempting to create against Oscar Leeser. She did not disagree with Razavi’s stated targets in the hit list.

You can clearly see whom the targets are that Veronica Escobar and cohorts want out of the way in order to continue with the public policy agenda they have been cultivating for a number of years now.

You can also clearly see that Ali Razavi aka MaxPowers acknowledged that he is one of the tools that have been dispatched to create the whisper campaigns needed to destroy the reputations of those opposed to the public policy agenda being championed by Veronica Escobar and her cohorts.

It is impossible to know exactly how much damage the Texas Tribune/David Karlsruher/Ali Razavi conspiracy trio did to Stephanie Townsend Allala’s campaign for government transparency with the lie they manufactured that she was running for office.

What I do know is that Stephanie Townsend Allala has been self-funding the majority of the fight to force the local politicians to explain themselves to the community. We will never know how many potential donors may have been dissuaded from helping her to fund her fight for transparency as result of the lie that was created in the community consciousness.

It was a lie designed to hurt Stephanie Townsend Allala and as you can see, it was part of a conspiracy that involved the useful idiots David Karlsruher and Ali Razavi as well as Veronica Escobar.

There is the proof some of you have been demanding.

Here is the clear connection between Veronica Escobar, the useful idiots and the community members that her cohorts have targeted for whisper campaigns regardless of the damage they may do to them.

The question that many of you should be demanding an answer to is how many more individuals are on the full Political Hit List that is yet to be made public. How many more reputations are being damaged because certain politicians, like Veronica Escobar “know” going “negative in politics” is “part of the deal.” [Email dated June 4, 2013 at 2:44pm between Ali Razavi and Veronica Escobar]

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

5 replies on “The Veronica Escobar and Ali Razavi Political Hit List”

  1. Martin,

    These “whispers” you speak of…you ain’t exactly helping your buddies by re-hashing them.

    As for me, I enjoy reading your blog now more than ever.





  2. MP I’m confused. You have your political hit list, right? It includes the ballpark crew like Woody Hunt, Courtney Niland, Joyce Wilson and the Shapleighites. You say they are unethical and corrupt. But that’s okay and different? I like reading your blog, but come on, buddy, what you do is no different. ANd you’ve written about the various factions, and who goes after who in each election. NOt sure there’s any conspiracy to it but you want your blogging to be exempted?

  3. Confused? There us a difference with exposing underhanded tactics, lies and rumors. All of which are designed to destroy or tarnish a person’s reputation and creditability.

    Then we have exposing underhanded back room deals unethical bordering on criminal practices and fleecing of the public. Exposing personal gain/agenda vs public polic decisions to serve the public.

    So what is there to be confused?

  4. shit has always been done like this. pragmatics are no more in el paso politics. just sit back and enjoy the ride. this election cycle will be no exception. forma will put someone in office, maybe two, but one for sure.



  5. Stephanie has always been for transparency way back from when I knew her in her journalist days. Maybe she should run for office.

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