gallardo_berthaBertha A. Gallardo
Campaign Treasurer: Bobby R “Bob” Brannon
Email: none
Telephone number: +1 915 231 9200
Age: 55
Occupation: Public Affairs Officer Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare

Candidate Informational Narrative:
Gallardo is the Board Chair and Private Sector Representative for the Work Force Solution Borderplex. Joyce Wilson is the current CEO of the Borderplex. Gallardo has been with the Borderplex since 2010. Gallardo is also the Public Affairs Officer for Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare. Gallardo was born and raised in El Paso. Bertha Gallardo is also a member of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Executive Committee. She holds a Bachelor’s in business administration from UTEP.

Of the six candidate in this race, Gallardo raised the third largest amount in contributions, behind Peter Svarzbein and Albert Weisenberger.

By the Numbers:
Total money raised $11,362.88
Total expenses: $3,839.62
Largest contributor: $5,000 from Jack Winton
Total contributors: 17
Average contribution: $668.40

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