The War on Culture

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2 Responses

  1. False flag says:

    This is no war on anything. Learning the language of the new home country is simply to communicate with others. Nor is anyone suggesting that people give up their heritage. It is a family responsibility to keep traditions and heritage going. Youth easily adapts to new ways and pushes the “old ways”to the side. But with age, they learn the importance of the past.

    Reconquista is nonsense, the land ownership changed many times during the early years of the southwest. Can people that had land in Mexico confiscated have that land returned to them ?

    One could counter the blog topic but that would be a response that would be very lengthy.

  2. James says:

    Another attack on Trump, and how much I love Mexico and “Hispanic”culture. Not a word about the innumerable killings of reporters in Mexico and the flood of cartels. But that probably is Trump’s fault. Pres. Also, Putin in his comments, appears to be trying to preserve his nationand Russian culture, but that is probably taboo in this world. Your long dissertation didn’t really prove anything, but your frustration and how much you hate Pres. Trump.

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