All politics carries with it spinmeisters whose task it is to create alternative versions of the facts that serve their masters. Donald Trump is not unique in this. The problem with spinmeisters is that their narrative manipulations cannot deal with individuals who do not fit the traditional mold. Those opposed to Donald Trump are being labelled as leftists or Democrats unable to cope with Hillary Clinton losing the election. Although this is true for some who oppose the Trump presidency, it is far from the reality for many. I am one of those that does fit the Clinton loss mold.

Those that follow my blog regularly know that I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. This is because I cannot not vote in the United States because I am not a citizen. However, as a legal resident who pays taxes, I am as affected by national public policy as everyone else. As such, regardless of my inability to vote, I nonetheless voice my opinion.

I voice my displeasure for the Donald Trump administration because Donald Trump decided to launch his presidential candidacy by labeling Mexican immigrants, like myself, as “rapists.” Trump embraced the false narrative that Mexicans are bad for the United States and as such, I felt compelled to correct the record. Thus, I post all sorts of media opposing the false narrative that Trump espouses.

In response, the Trump surrogates have labelled me as either a Democrat or a “leftist,” neither of which are accurate.

I lean politically to the right – more right than many Republicans. That does not make me a Republican. I have also attempted to correct the false narrative that Republicans are bad for immigrants and for México. Although both parties use immigrants as scapegoats, the Republicans have historically been better for immigrants then the Democrats. As such, my opposition is not about Democrats versus Republicans. It is about a narrative of hate towards Mexicans.

It might surprise many of you reading this today that Mexicans tend to lean conservative on many public issues, but that does not fit the false narrative and thus it is ignored.

The problem with labeling me a leftist, is that one of my greatest fears is that Donald Trump’s continued attacks upon my country may lead to a leftist Mexican government next year as México holds national elections. The Trump attacks, coupled with Enrique Peña Nieto’s dismal approval ratings in México, creates an opportunity for the Mexican leftists to get control of the presidency in 2018.

México has not had a leftist government since the PRI took control of the nation in 1929. The PRI is politically centrist, neither too far left nor too far right. The other party that has achieved control of the Mexican national government is the PAN. They lean towards the right. The left has not had much luck in Mexican national politics, although that may change, thanks to the ongoing war on culture and Trump’s politics about México.

Labeling me as a leftist because I oppose Donald Trump attacks upon my nation, makes me chuckle because it is Trump’s attacks on México that could bring the leftists to power in México in 2018.

If you want to know what that would look like, look no further than Venezuela today. This could be the future of México, on the doorstep of the United States. This would be as bad for México as it would be for the United States.

So stop trying to label me as a Democrat or a leftist because I am neither. I just oppose Donald Trump’s hate upon my country.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. There is only one USA party and it’s platform is debt, war and protecting the privillages of the donor class. Democrap or Republicrat are labels for the political theatre they use to keep us divided and fighting each other instead of liquidating them.

    It is both local, national and global.

  2. And in the same light, being a republican does not make me a racist. While in El Paso, I no longer state that I’m a republican because I am immediately called a racist. Stop the labeling! Do not assume you know the beliefs of people just because they are a democrat or republican, conservative or liberal.

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