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2 Responses

  1. JerryK says:

    Up here in Canada they are also dealing with the politics of air superiority. Canada wants to upgrade its fighter fleet. Lockhead is peddling the F35 that can’t outmanuever a 40 year old F16 and is threatening thousands of aircraft jobs to convince the Canadians to buy this expensive plane. Boeing, is proposing an upgraded F18 Hornet, also 40 years old, at a fraction of the cost. It performs well and is the cost benefit winner, but Boeing doesn’t have the jobs here to use as a bargaining chip.

    I dont know squat about one fighter plane from another, but I have been telling my Canadian friends for the last two years to build a border wall and a strong defense because the biggest threat to theirs and world peace is the USA next door.

  2. WTF says:

    Jerryk, Mexico couldnt land those fighters quickly they bought from the U.S. because they needed to clear the goats and sheep off the runways first.
    Martin, Mexico is a third world country. They probably bought those plains so during practice runs they could drop dope from here to there for El Chapo. Only reason Mexico hasnt been invaded is because the U.S. wont and wont let anybody else because Mexico is on its border. also Guatemala is not that aggressive of a country on the southern border like El Salvador or Nicaragua. Mexico cant guard itself from itself. It exist only due to the U.S. being next to it.

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