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Good Neighbor Policy

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3 Responses

  1. JerryK says:

    broken promise of Wilson to stay out of Mexican affairs only to invade it shortly after.
    Didn’t Mexico invade us? Pancho Villa?

  2. WTF says:

    Martin, do you really know your Mexican history ? From what I remember greedy ass Lopez Portillo doomed Mexico. One of his officials(maybe sec of interior) had already cut a deal with Carter at a certain price on the barrel due to the Arab Embargo. The official thought it was a great deal because Mexico needed US money and technology to increase oil production. Basically Mexico could have become the U.S.’s Kuwait. Once Portillo found out he threw this official in jail and accused him of taking Mordida and told Carter no deal. Carter then had no choice,but to cut a deal with the Arabs. 3 MONTHS LATER the Peso had an avalanche devaluation and continued to devalue to the point of Portillo not allowing Jewelry out of the country. I remember flying back from Mazatlan when they would check you for precious metals and diamonds. I remember i went to Mazatlan because the peso was 400 to 1 on the black market over here and Portillo had locked it at 100 over there. I watched this speacial with my Suegro on fooking TBS. The Mexican official was let out of jail at the end of Portillo’s reign only to be thrown back in by pinchi Madrid who was Portillo’s Secretary of the treasury. That Mexican official who cut the deal with Carter asked this question on PBS, “If i was wrong then why did the Peso devalue so much. He said, ” history shows i was right and had Portillo gone through with the deal Mexico would have done well.” Portillo should be remembered as the greedy Mexican who doomed his country to poverty.

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