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Jim Valenti Open Records Request Detail Two Million Payment

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3 Responses

  1. Government Millionaires says:

    Well, I will say it DOES pay to work for the county. Doesn’t matter if you screw up or not, get fired or not. You still leave with a nice piece of change.

    Along with perks like choice seats, box seats, front row, reserved parking at airport (don’t have to be on official business) all free of charge! Do anyone of them ever say no because the “gifts” are over $50 value. Not to mention, special justice. Hhhhhmmmm, wonder what their retirement packages look like.

  2. We read through the contract that you posted. On page 11 of the contract (page 24 of the second set of documents), letter 2b it says that the Hospital District will pay base pay for 36 months “as though this Agreement had not terminated.” Doesn’t that mean that Valenti will get an additional $460,000 x 36 =$1.38 million? Also, under letter d. of the next page it says that the county will also provide him with “reasonable executive outplacement services, including establishing an executive office with shared secretarial assistance.” for 36 months or until Valenti finds another job.

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