d-trump-dollarAs you likely know, barring a last minute change, Donald Trump is expected to host Saturday Night Live on NBC tomorrow. Several activists have delivered over 500,000 signatures demanding that Trump be removed as the host of SNL. As an immigrant I have been disheartened at the message that mainstream US citizens deliver through the polls that place Donald Trump in first or second place, depending on the poll. The reality is that it isn’t Trump’s immigrant bashing that resonates among the individuals being polled, but rather the façade that Ben Carson and Donald Trump have created around the notion that they are not your typical politician. Trump, more so than Carson, has been helped by his celebrity status and money.

It is the “almighty dollar” that is driving Donald Trump’s political popularity.

He has the cash to pump money into his presidential campaign. He has effectively used his celebrity to attract eyeballs to his public appearances, either through the news media or on stage. This attracts the dollar bills that entities, like NBC, are courting. It is this money that has attracted the individuals that say they will vote for him as the next president of the United States.

The funny thing is that Donald Trump is using money that has been generated by the thousands, if not, by the millions of immigrant laborers that build his hotels, serve his clients and sometimes those clients are the same immigrants that Donald Trump so obviously detests.

You see, the problem with Donald Trump is not that he wants to be president, he has as much of a chance of being president as Donald Duck has in becoming a sentient being, but in that his hypocrisy. Actually, I’d bet on Donald Duck over Donald Trump anytime. But I digress.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he doesn’t realize the hypocrisy of using bankruptcy as a business tool or using immigrant labor to make money while at the same time pontificating that he would make a better president because he has “business” savvy or that he would be tough on immigrants, those, of course, that aren’t building his hotels, that is.

Donald Trump believes he can be president of the United States because he really believes that the masses pushing yes on polls or rallying around his appearances are actually going to vote. The fact is that if a poll could actually predict an election result then there would be no need to have the election. More importantly, celebrity chasers are fickle, today they love him and tomorrow they’ll hate him when the next celebrity gets their 15 minutes of fame.

All of it comes down to one thing, the “almighty dollar” that everyone is chasing, including NBC.

NBC is unlikely to cancel Trump’s SNL gig.

However, because it is the “almighty dollar” that is driving his current fame, it is the almighty dollar that is the most effective weapon against him. I’ll be watching SNL for the fourth or fifth time in my life. Not to support Donald Trump but to make note of who the advertisers are.

Once I know who the advertisers are that are hoping to benefit from Trump’s NBC appearance, I’ll make a list and post it online with a call for other immigrants/Latinos/Hispanics and like-minded supporters to boycott their products and services.

Since it is the “almighty dollar” they want then I am going to make sure they don’t get another penny from me, or other like minded individuals. That goes for NBC as well.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Martin, you’re letting emotions get the best of you.

    Trump has always acknowledged that he has many immigrants/minorities working at casinos and hotels. That he was proud of the good work they do.

    He speaks his mind while others pretend or dance around. He says it and doesn’t care if people like it or not. It’s a common trait for people living in NY, PA and NJ. It has nothing to do with money. People in this region take forever to get to the point, fear offending others with the truth even when asked, etc. Its two cultures clasping without understanding. How many of you use racial comments in the company of friends or in the privacy of your home. Are you a racist? Heck you can’t stand one another even though there is a common culture.

    Trump has repeatedly stated its not just Hispanics or whatever you call yourself, it’s people from all over the world. Quite frankly the country is in serious trouble for many reasons and we don’t know who’s coming into this country. I suppose we want to replicate the disaster of unrestricted entry by immigrants. There are riots, fires, rape, assaults, entire cultures being destroyed. Refusal to assimilate and a determination to convert the countries into their way.

    Borders are for the protection of countries. We need to know who’s here. Can you image what would happen to the economy if there was no customs checks or enforcement of trade laws. you can’t throw borders wide open unless you want Europe on fire part two. Why does Mexico have fortified borders and South American countries also have borders? Why are European countries putting up new border fences as as fast as possible.

    Why isn’t there an outcry when nonwhites make blatant racist comments and many of them are well known or influential people. Where’s the outcry when there is call to kill many whites ?

    Come on, this isn’t about race, it’s about his political beliefs which conflict with yours and others.

  2. Martin
    Seems others and you only believe in free speech when it meets or fits your agenda and personal narrative. Remember the right of free speech means one has a right be a cad. Still believe the powers that be in the GOP will not let Turnip Head Trump be nominated for President for their party.

  3. Tell the Truth’s comments are spot on. And, if Trump is on the ballot, l’ll vote for him. I respect people who immigrate legally. I have nothing but disgust for illegal aliens. You can’t maintain a country based on the rule of law if a portion of the population feels they have the right to pick and choose what laws they obey. And, the wealthy in Mexico openly brag about their strategy to dump the hard to employ in the US and reap remittances from them. That is what Trump is talking about when he says Mexico sends…. Go back and read your post on the Narco culture and ask yourself how that reconciles with this one. An open borders philosophy is not in the best interest of US citizens and amnesty just seems to encourage more illegal immigration. Trump will get votes because he is one of the few politicians with the cajones to point that out.

  4. “…Trump’s immigrant bashing that resonates among the individuals …”
    Illegal aliens are not migrants; they are illegal aliens and have no right to be here. Trump and the people who support him get that while the PC-ninnies waffle around it with oxymorons like “comprehensive immigration reform” that means “do nothing.”

    Guess who is winning?

  5. Both parties in the last two decades have had control of government and could have fixed this issue. The wealthy donors of both parties which control Congress do not want to stop illegal immigration or deal with the undocumented in America. These interest and the majority in Congress like the cheap, at times, near slave labor that this population brings to America. In addition the Republican sides like the undercutting of the wages of the American work force that the undocumented bring while the Democrats like the prospects of a possible new voters. IT’s all smoke and mirror and a joke by both parties on really wanting to fix immigration and the undocumented in America. The jokes on you in believing Congress will ever fix issue. If you believe otherwise you’re delusional and seems at least on this issue a whole lot of you are being delusional.

    1. You are right that Congress won’t fix it. But a determined President can under his Commander-in-Chief prerogative by declaring that this is an invasion and ordering the armed forces to deal with it. Eisenhower did exactly this under Operation Wetback in which illegals were deported to deep inland destinations so they couldn’t just walk across the border again. Then machine gun towers were set up along the border.

      It worked. It was legal and a President recognized what was real and acted on it. But then he was a general, too, and knew an invasion when he saw one.

  6. if trump hated immigrants, he would not have hired them to work in his casinos in nevada. all his workers are legit via E-Verify. you do know that the lefties would have called him out on that fact if he was, in fact, hiring illegals. he isnt. they are all legit. good humorous post though…..

  7. Jerry K
    Just like Obama’s executive action on immigration your idea would be shut down by the courts. Remember power resides in Congress and if Congress refuses to fund so action or brings legal challenges in court than it a mute point.

    1. Unrestricted illegal immigration is demographic suicide and the constitution is not a suicide pact. A president can act in his capacity as commander in chief to repel invaders.

  8. people ARE sick of politicians; but let me expand on that. I read the Trump’s book waaaay back “The Art of the Deal”. Anyone who could construct such business directives is close to genius. It helped me a great deal. Trump’s beef is with ILLEGAL immigrants; not my friends who have work visas or student visas. Why is it, when someone crosses over illegally , they know EXACTLY which office to go to for all the freebies. Oh and when the if there are children involved; they know the school systems are not allowed to check citizenship. Why would hard-working Americans want to help illegals to break our laws? Yeah; the laws used to be lax; but now they’re not bc America is broke, the Fed has no value when it prints $ and frankly it ‘s a MAJOR slap in the face for all those immigrants waited and waited to get their greencard. My husband’s country was in the midst of a civil war when he legally caught a cargo ship to Cypress, then on to the states. He assimilated, NEVER asked for governmental assistance AT ALL. The Lebanese would rather die than ask for a handout. PERIOD. 72% of all illegals apply for govt assistance. It’s not fair and I will personally NEVER help illegals to break our immigration laws. I go to the source. Donate tons to orphanages in Juarez and beyond…I’m NOT special. Lots of people do it.

  9. C’mon Martin, you really going to give up Viagra and Direct TV? Its a noble but fruitless gesture. Agree 1,000% with Lisa. Trump is against ILLEGAL immigrants. Me too!! Don’t lose sight of the word illegal. Without it, Trump would be accused of being against all of us Americans. SNL is a TV show. Its entertainment, nothing more!

  10. Money trumps all.

    Yes, you all keep telling yourselves that el El Trompas is against the undocumented immigrant. Unless of course he is exploiting their labour.

    ‘The tower that is his crown jewel and symbol of his wealth continues to stand on ground cleared by 200 undocumented workers who labored off the books, 12 hours a day, seven days a week, for no more than $5 an hour with no overtime. ‘ so concludes the article ”Trump Tower Was Built on Undocumented Immigrants’ Backs” in thedailybeast.com (7-8-15).

    By the way, I just read that Mike Tyson endorsed El Trompas. Isn’t this man a convicted rapist? Talk about hypocrites!

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