Juan Sandoval II by Ronnie Dukes of DUKEScomics.com.

Elvira and Ronnie Dukes are the creative force behind DUKEScomics.com, an independent comic book and graphic novel publisher. Elvira is the writer. Ronnie is the artist/illustrator. This is a link to our website:  https://dukescomics.com/about/Elvira and Ronnie were friends of Juan Sandoval. Dr. Elvira Carrizal-Dukes is an Assistant Professor of Practice for Chicana/o Studies at UTEP.… Read More Juan Sandoval II by Ronnie Dukes of DUKEScomics.com.

For Juan Sandoval

By Katherine Brennand                                                                                                                                          We are all special. I realize that. However, being memorable is possibly more significant. Juan Sandoval was, is, and will be memorable for a long time to come.  He will be remembered for many qualities…..for his intelligence and his sensitivity, for his “eye” for art, and for the spark and mischievous… Read More For Juan Sandoval

Pandemic Notes

Like so many others I am recording this period in our history. Hopefully our great grand-children will learn from this, appreciate our efforts to cope during a worldwide pandemic. As a Registered Nurse I actually worked 12 hour shifts at a Veterans Home during an epidemic of Norovirus. It’s not a killer but it can… Read More Pandemic Notes