The Fifth Commandment

Ending systemic racism has a good shot right now because the trauma of viewing George Floyd’s death has impacted so many people around the world.  But I fear it will be a short-lived opportunity because the steps necessary to bring about such change will be too unsavory for many people to follow for the long term.  … Read More The Fifth Commandment

Passive Racism

Preface: How does one become a racist?  Do you take classes?  Do you go to “Racist School?”  Are you assigned a worksheet in which you have to write the n-word used “correctly” in fifty different sentences?  Do you have to stage a play wearing black face?  Do racist teachers play episodes of “Amos and Andy“… Read More Passive Racism

Political Revenge

Most high school students study the works of Edgar Allan Poe in their Junior English class.  Macabre tales like “The Cask of Amontillado” and poems like “The Raven” are well known Poe writings that are essential readings in American literature. There are, however, some lesser known short stories by Poe that are worth looking up because… Read More Political Revenge

Scenic Traffic

Last week I traveled to the east gate of Scenic Drive anticipating there would be signage indicating the road had been closed.  Like other parks, Scenic Drive was to be closed due to the Corona Virus.  There was a “Road Closed” sign, but it was definitely being ignored.  In the 10 to 15 minutes I… Read More Scenic Traffic