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Jonathan Pérez

For over fifteen years, Jonathan has worked to assist young people and college students and adults develop racial consciousness by creating spaces for courageous conversations, and other opportunities to learn about the pervasive dynamics of racism while preparing them for action. Because of his journey, Jonathan has developed a strong belief that if racism is left unchecked, society will continue to see an increase of racially charged occurrences that impact success for students of color.

Jonathan believes that tomorrow's leaders are today’s students, and there can be no more important task than teaching them to address issues of racism head-on. Combining his education and lived experiences, from being a high school dropout to now serving as an educator, mentor, advocate, and leader in the community has prepared him to recognize and confront racism in our educational system and through institutional practices.

Jonathan is a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership at Abilene Christian University where he also completed his Master’s in Higher Education in 2015. In 2011, Jonathan completed his Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas after transferring from Tarrant County College. Jonathan believes in the leadership style of servant leadership and enjoys helping people find pride in their cultural roots and tapping into their collective power. Jonathan was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, where he and his wife Geneva raise their children, Abigail and Jacob.

To Exist

My Brown skin means fighting to be heard. My Brown skin means fighting to be seen. My Brown skin means fighting to be known. Do you hear the screams and cries of […]