A correction campaign finance report filed by the Claudia Rodriguez campaign the day after we reported the largest campaign contributors in this election cycle has moved Woody Hunt ahead of J.P. Bryan as the largest campaign supporter. Before the corrected affidavit was filed, Hunt trailed Bryan by $3,000. However, in an affidavit filed by the Claudia Rodriguez campaign on November 2, Hunt’s $5,000 to her campaign moved Hunt to the top. Woody Hunt gave Rodriguez an additional $5,000 contribution on October 18. The $5,000 contribution is also disclosed on the city council agenda for its meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

The additional $5,000 now puts Woody Hunt on top as the single largest financial contributor to the city council candidates. It also raises the total contributions this election cycle to over $279 thousand.

The newly reported Hunt contribution also makes Rodriguez the candidate to have raised more political contributions then the other candidates. Hunt has contributed $26,500 to five candidates out of the 14 candidates who raised political money for the November ballot. Josh and Woody Hunt surpassed Bryan by $6,000 in contributions. Bryan contributed $20,500 to candidate Richard Genera (D5-$6,000), Claudia Rodriguez (D6-$2,500), Art Fierro (D6-$6,000) and Rich Wright (D8-$6,000). Hunt’s contributions went to Analisa Silverstein (D1-$11,000), Rodriguez (D6-$11,000) Cristian Botello (D6-$1,000), Chris Canales (D8-$1,000) and Bettina Olivares (D8-$2,500).

Hunt’s largest campaign contributions, $11,000 each, went to Analisa Cordova Silverstein and Claudia Rodriguez.

Our updated analysis shows how the campaign contributions have been distributed among the candidates vying for a city council seat in tomorrow’s election.

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