El Paso News can now report that Curtis Cox, the lead prosecutor in embattled Yvonne Rosales’ office has resigned. Cox, according to a source with firsthand knowledge that has asked not to be named, told us yesterday that Cox submitted his two weeks’ notice to Rosales on Thursday, November 3.

Several news outlets reported on Thursday that Curtis Cox had submitted a letter to the Sam Medrano, the judge in the Walmart state case announcing his withdrawal from the mass murder case. In his November 3rd letter to Medrano, Cox wrote that he was “formally” withdrawing from the Walmart case, and that “all further communications and filings” in the case “should” be directed to Rosales.

None of the news media outlets have reported that Curtis Cox has also resigned from the prosecutor’s office.

On November 1, county attorney JoAnne Bernal announced that she would prosecute the case to remove Yvonne Rosales from office. The Rosales removal case is scheduled for March.

Curtis Cox had been practicing law since 2005, according to his profile at the Texas Bar. No word yet on what Cox will do once he leaves the district attorney’s office.

El Paso Matters Misleading Headline

El Paso Matters reported the withdrawal of Curtis Cox from the Walmart case yesterday citing the KTSM report. Although the report by Ramon Bracamontes used the sub-title Walmart Prosecutor Resigns, the report adds nothing new to the fact that Cox has withdrawn from the Walmart case as reported by other news media outlets. However, the use of the word “resigns” is misleading in that implies knowledge that Cox had resigned from the district attorney’s office instead of what was already publicly noted, that Cox had withdrawn from the Walmart case.

El Paso News will continue to monitor this issue and we will report as more information becomes available.

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