So, sitting in my recliner this morning with my coffee and my orange for breakfast, followed by a bowl of Honey Nut Bunches of Oats with pieces of fresh strawberries and milk, I started to wax nostalgia over the breakfasts that I have had in my lifetime.

Now THAT was a snake sentence for the record books if there ever was one!

As a young child I remember lots of oatmeal in Youngstown Ohio. There were hearty breakfasts of milk and cereal intertwined with cream of wheat and oatmeal and eggs and bacon growing up in Brockton Massachusetts. We always had bacon fat in a jar for the next time.

The Army spoiled me with all kinds of wonderous treats, such as SOS on toast in a mess kit with scrambled eggs on the top, however, the first time this Yankee boy put grits in his mouth thinking it was cream of wheat was not a pretty sight. I found scrapple on my plate in Maryland. Don’t ask what’s in is, it takes getting used to.

Germany showed me another kind of breakfast with breads and jams, croissants, and cold-cut open face sandwiches and soft boiled eggs. The French and Italians had the strongest kick of coffee in the morning. Spoiler alert, the Cuban coffee that I had in Key West was an all-day kick-starter.

Sadly, while I was in Korea, I never had the chance to experience a typical Korean breakfast. I did see street vendors with wok style cooking, create ginormous scrambled omelet things with everything but the kitchen sink inside, but discretion is the better part of valor and I never summoned the courage to try one. When I had a 3-day pass in Seoul, the Chosun Hotel had American and European breakfasts on the menu.

Greece has been influenced by the Europeans for sure but traveling on Crete, I experienced a village breakfast of hard cheeses, honey and very robust breads with VERY strong Greek coffee.

In my memoirs, I am including a chapter on the foods I have known – I get hungry just thinking about all the yummies. Anyone up for Second Breakfast ala Tolkien?

Good Copy? Roger, Sparks out!


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