During the last two posts we have looked at how slavery was part of the founding of America and how that translated into creating two sets of Americans, the minority elite and the rest of the Americans who believe that in America everyone is “equal”. It is the lie that is perpetuated across American schools each day.

The lie continues today with carefully chosen words to remind people about their place in the American landscape without articulating it for what it is – a two-tiered system designed to keep the minority in power while the majority believes they are free.

Going back to the December 2015 post by David Azerrad in the Heritage Foundation website where Azerrad argues that ethnic labels and skin color are not used in the country’s founding documents, he nonetheless clearly explains how the equality lie is continued today.

Azerrad wrote that the Constitution does not “mention blacks or whites, but it also doesn’t mention slaves or slavery” arguing that the document is not racist. To bolster his argument, Azerrad wrote the Constitution, instead referred to slaves as “other persons” in the documents to “underscore their humanity”.

“To underscore their humanity” is the argument David Azerrad makes to make Americans believe that the U.S. Constitution is not racist.

To underscore their humanity is much more than making the constitution palatable to the American people. It clearly lays out the lie about equality in America.

Equality in America is about making Americans believe that they are free and equal to their fellow citizens. Blacks are equal to whites is the mantra. The law says so is what Americans are to believe.

Yet, in America there are two contradictory movements at play. On one end is the Black Lives Matter movement and on the other is the Blue Lives Matter. Blacks live in fear of policemen while police fear the Blacks. Two contradictions in one people – Americans.

Therein the proof that “equality” is the lie.

Extending this reality further then is becomes clear why “to underscore their humanity” explains the fundamental problem in America today. Americans are to believe that everyone is equal. They are to believe that any citizen can be president.

This is the reality. In America many question why it is that Pete Buttigieg isn’t electable or why are women not able to compete against the white men left on stage for the Democratic Party nomination.

Better yet, look at the reality that Bernie Sanders is being marginalized by the party power center for the more palatable Joe Biden. It isn’t that one man is better than the other, but, rather, which man is more palatable to the establishment, i.e. electable in America today.

When the reader needles down to the founding document that allowed slavery in contradiction to the idea that all are “created equal” inevitably they get to the scheme that is the electoral college.

The electoral college allowed Donald Trump to become president although he did not get the majority vote. Many will argue that the electoral college protects America from the people of California or the people of New York. They argue that the electoral college protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

The reality, however, is that the electoral college encourages white men and marginalizes all others. Why? Because the minority fears the power of the majority, which happens to be people of color and women. Look at California as the example. It is not a white people state but it wields a considerable power base of voters. Yet, under the electoral college their voices are “equalized” to protect the white minority in the rest of the country. Readers that doubt this should simply look at the color of the people of California, or New York, for that matter.

As reader begin to understand that America’s founding documents “underscored” the humanity of the slaves while not using the term “slavery” it becomes clear that it is all a play on words to create the illusion that Americans are “equal” when, in fact, they are not.

This can all be traced back to slavery.

The electoral college is why immigrant children can be caged and why women and gay people are not electable.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...