Today I am going to share with you the story of how the “guru extraordinaire” of El Paso politics was handed his ass in the last election. The truth is so outrageous you might be tempted to believe it is exaggerated, but I promise you, the story you are about to read is exactly as it was relayed to me. The little facts that I can ascertain, via third-parties or documents, verify the story. I truly believe this is the story of how Jaime Abeytia’s political savviness is nothing more than the delusional fantasy created by himself for his own egotistical need to feel needed in El Paso’s political circles.

At center stage is Katheryn Lucero, formerly known as Katheryn Hairston and often cited as Abeytia’s paramour. Lucero was running for Dog Catcher against the incumbent and another contender. I know what some of you are thinking – dog catcher – but, I thought the office was Justice of the Peace No: 5? Let’s get real here for a moment, justice of the peace is the dog catcher of politics. It is an office that was created in England, centuries ago, to fill a void in trained lawyers. It is archaic now in the grand scheme of things.

In the United States, the justice of the peace is retained in eight states, including Texas. For the most part, they marry people and adjudicate civil and small misdemeanor cases. They can levy fines of up to a few hundred dollars and in very limited cases, jail people for up to three days.

But they neither have to be lawyers nor have completed any formal education, except for the 80 hours of education mandated by the State of Texas. If you believe that mandated training is enough, ask any member of the Bar and see what they have to say about the Justice of the Peace system. It isn’t pretty.

Most JPs will want you to believe that they are “well-versed” in the law but, in reality, they are individuals who want to be called “judge” without working for the title. Just ask John John Chatman, who demands to be addressed as “judge,” even by his friends. It’s the single most important reason Chatman did not win outright. Thus, the office is nothing more than an unearned glamour title for those unwilling to work to achieve the title they covet.

Most of us assumed that the dog catcher race would be an easy win for Jaime Abeytia, especially because of his self-ascribed “political guru” credentials. But, as they say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

As you likely know, running a political candidacy requires some knowledge of local politics and the support of local politicos to bolster the candidate, especially in the dog catcher race.

In contention for the seat were the incumbent, Johnnie “John John” Chatman who sees a computer as a very complicated calculator that takes up space on his desk. Challenging him was Katheryn Lucero, being advised by Jaime “political guru” Abeytia and Lucilla “Lucy” Najera.

Chatman raised over $7,000 in campaign contributions and spent over $11,000. Overall, Chatman spent $3.63 per vote (3,222) he received. Chatman placed first and is facing a runoff against Najera. But before we get to Najera, let us look at Abeytia’s political savviness in running Lucero’s dog catcher race.

Katheryn Lucero raised about $5,000 through the financial disclosure form filed eight days before the election. Abeytia’s concubine spent about $2,700 for dog catcher number 5, or about $1.27 per vote. What did Lucero get from Abeytia’s political “expertise”? A dismal third-pace finish. Was it a lack of money? No, not really, because Lucero raised about $5,000 with some of the usual suspects donating to her campaign, i.e. Ralph Adame, Richard Castro and Brian Kennedy, among others. So maybe Lucero was out-strategized and out-monied by the remaining opponent in the race?

This is where the truth is stranger than fiction. Lucilla “Lucy” Najera did not raise any money and she spent $2,129.25 ($0.92 per vote) of her own money to force Chatman into a runoff election. Clearly, Najera did not outspend Lucero, so she must have out strategized her? Right? “Not so fast kemosabe,” as “political guru” Abeytia likes to write on his blog.

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or a beer, depending on what time you are reading this, and get ready to see how Jaime “political guru of El Paso” got his ass handed to him and in the process put his girlfriend out to political pasture. As much as you might want to believe it is fiction, it is the unvarnished and poignant truth.

When Lucy Najera was asked recently what her political strategy was to beat the “political guru of El Paso,” she looked up at her interrogator, with a blank look on her face, and asked innocently, “strategy, what do you mean, strategy”? Najera was asked, what did she do to come in second in the dog catcher race. Najera, slyly looked up at the sky and with a twinkle in her eye and a finger pointed up at the sky, she insinuated God led her to victory. But what was the strategy remained as the question of the day. Najera responded that it was simply walking the streets. Which streets was the obvious question, how did you pick which houses to visit? What list did you use was the persistent question.

“List”, asked Lucy Najera, “What list?”

The voter list, “how did you pick which voters you were going to visit” was the persistent question. That drew a blank stare and a response from Najera, “what do you mean,” she asked. Candidates get a list of voters that cast votes in the last election and use those to block walk, was the explanation to her.

“Voters who voted in the last election, well, isn’t that illegal,” she asked.

After clarifying for her that lists of those who cast a vote in an election are public information records, Najera wanted to know more about the lists. It was explained to Lucy Najera that the lists can be attained from the County Elections Department or via the Democratic Party’s Voter Activation Network, or VAN. Van, asked Najera “we didn’t need to rent a van for the election” she responded to the shocked faces around her.

Remember that Jaime Abeytia is the self-proclaimed VAN guru of El Paso.

Najera explained that she didn’t use any walking lists for block walking, instead, the husband-and-wife Najera team would follow Dori Fenenbock/Veronica Escobar campaign teams. Whenever they came across a house with a campaign door hanger for either, or both, they would add Lucy Najera’s door hanger. Sometimes they would talk to the household voter.

Surely, you must have done some type of polling was the next question. “Polling?” Yes, “we had people at four of the polls”, was her incredulous answer. No one dared asked the question about push polling because they were afraid of what the answer might be.

Shortly after the polls closed, Lucy Najera’s political insights thought it would be a great idea to call Katheryn Lucero, who was barely recovering from the horror of her loss and asked her for her endorsement. You all know what the likely answer to that question was.

Some of you might have noticed that Jaime Abeytia accused the Najera’s of stealing Lucero’s political signs on social media a few days before the election. Most people who have had contact with the Najera’s do not believe that to be true because they just don’t see the Najeras’ as capable of doing that.

The dog catcher no 5 race is now down to the incumbent John John Chatman and Lucy Najera. Historically, incumbents generally lose an election when forced into a runoff.

Considering that the justice of the peace is supposed to adjudicate legal arguments and the fact that JPs are not required to be lawyers brings up an interesting but serious question, should Lucy Najera be able to have the authority to fine people, and possibly, put them in jail?

As for Jaime “political guru” Abeytia, you may have noticed that he has been uncharacteristically silent after the election. I wonder why.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the self-proclaimed “political guru” of El Paso comes out swinging, alleging that it was all a conspiracy against his paramour, Lucero.

For Abeytia, it was just not about his “campaign strategist” label, but also as a revenue source for himself. The thing that JPs covet the most, besides the “judge” title, is the money they make from marrying people. JPs charge for marrying people. For Abeytia, that was a gravy train waiting to be milked. Abeytia’s other “expertise” is DJing and creating brochures and videos. Hmmm, I wonder who Lucero would have pimped out to the marrying couples that she was officiating for?

But, here is another tidbit to consider. Remember how Jaime Abeytia was involved in the controversy involving Claudia Ordaz, now Perez, and her texting at a city council meeting? Remember the times Abeytia tells all that will listen how close he is to Vince and Claudia Perez? More importantly, remember how Jaime Abeytia acted as Veronica Escobar’s attack dog when Escobar needed political cover?

The question you should all be asking today, is where were Vince/Claudia Perez, Susie Byrd and Veronica Escobar when Jaime Abeytia needed their help to get Katheryn Lucero elected into the dog catcher office she desperately needs to keep Abeytia fed?

That should answer any lingering questions you might still have about politics in El Paso and Abeytia.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. No matter ones chosen Activism, always remember, Government is largely the enemy of the people.

  2. The funniest thing you forget to mention is fatman always pushing grassroots as the ticket to winning. He freaking lost to grassroots!!! Ha!

  3. Who is Jaime? This blog is confusing, who is running for dog catcher? The only name I recognize is chatman, he was my coach. This is why I don’t read blogs to much they rarely make any sense.

  4. A friend who was once a county commissioner quipped to me that there is no guarantee in our system that the best candidate wins; only the one with the most votes.

  5. let’s see what he will be rewarded or kicked to the curb by Escobar.
    Those two belong together.

    Abeytia is like the 2 dollar hore that guys will sneak in and out of her place and eventually gives you a std. His antisemitism caught up to him and Escobar wound up with the std.

    Maybe now people will stay away from him lest they be contaminated. Probably not, there will be someone to do the dirty work. If it wasn’t for dirty politics he wouldn’t know politics.

    His girlfriend must be gullible, stupid or desperate

  6. Jaime was looking to have Kathryn win because then that would mean he could Mooch off her. This guy has a lien on him for child support because his back 12k. So he can help campaign but can’t pay child support?He likes to look up all the dirt and be quick to be bully with whole world. I see that at the end county website it shows he has a court date for child support.He also has a kid in AZ he owes CS for and has an open warrent since 2003. Has another case open in az as well for CS Oh let’s not forget the kid he has a kid in California that he doesnt pay CS for either. From what I hear this guy preys off the women he is with. He’s a loser. This guy needs to find a real job and stop blaming the whole world for his problems. He is trash. What example is he trying to set? He’s a bully and an embarassment to the human race. He has humiliated,ruined and dragged good people through the dirt. How does Vince or Claudia support this loser. He wrote somewhere that him falling behind on his AZ was a mistkem. and now the 12k he fell behing is too? He associated himself with kathrKa and why would anyone want her in a position with a 2x deadbeat bully? Seriously that is the example she wants for her kids? He’s own kids know he is.

  7. JAIME STATED ON Feb 7, 2010 · Yes, I have legal issue I need to deal with regarding back child support. I don’t deny it. Its a long and complicated story and since its a family issue and not political, …

    There is nothing complicated, he’s a deadbeat and a criminal. He failed to pay child support to a son he denies that looks just like him. What’s funny is that while he was in the army he knocked up someone he worked with in the army. That woman had a little girl that grew up with no support from this dead beat dad.He was married at the time with the woman that he owes child support for in AZ for the his son. So he has a child in California that he had while he was married that he failed to take care of. I did my research on this scum bag. If you all log on to the Maricopa county website you will see that he has to (2) open child support cases. Plus the child support case her in El Paso for 12,0000.It appears that he moved down here not because he wanted to but because he had a warrant go out for his arrest in 1/07/2003. THIS IS STILL AN ACTIVE WARRANT. So he has kids all over the place. What’s funny is that for all the kids he doesn’t pay CS for he denies them and says there not his. We all know a simple paternity test would solve that and close out any case. This loser can pay,work walk for his gf that was running for JP5 and go to meetings and report on his blog but won’t pay child support? I see that he loves spoils Kathryn’s kids but neglects his own? What’s sad is he run good people’s name through the dirt. YOU ALL THAT HAVE DEFENDED HIM HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE HAS PUT THE MOTHER OF KIDS THROUGH. I hope those of you that love Jaime will see what type of trash he is. I wonder is Kathryn feels good about the man that she is with. He’s a liar,fraud,cheat and narcissistic pig. He loves to gloat about being in the army when he actually didn’t serve his full term and used his kid to get out early. Yes Jaime we found out that that you had someone fill out paperwork to help you get out saying that you had no one to care for your kids. In reality he didn’t want to serve. Have you noticed that it’s but a few pics and they are the same ones he posts over and over. Wake up El Paso. I honestly hope that our community will not feed into this low life’s bull$@!÷ That he puts out. He crosses people. Look at Norma she’s was good to him and she stabbed her in the back.
    Select Family court then put in Jaime Abeytia

    Here you will find more cases

    D.O.B 7/04/1975

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