As you likely know by now, Donald Trump is being sued by a porn star. Forget all the political rhetoric about how nothing has been proven or whether it has any import in the office of the presidency and focus on what it means for Donald Trump. There is still a lot of litigation to go through and I have no doubt that Donald Trump will use all the legal gimmicks at his disposal to delay the exposure of his adultery. But in the mean time there is much we can learn from the controversy.

As for the litigation, there is much gamesmanship going on between Trump, Trump’s attorneys and Stormy and her attorney. Yesterday, Stormy offered to return the money for the confidentiality agreement to allow her to talk about her Trump trysts. The deadline imposed by her attorney was missed by Trump. Although it may appear as no big deal, the deadline creates a record for further litigation under First Amendment arguments. Further, had Trump’s attorneys, or Trump answered the settlement proposal, it would have a created a record that can be used against Trump. As you can see, there is much to be played out in the courts. In the mean, let’s look into something important for the country.

First and foremost, there is a porn star suing the president of the United States. This speaks volumes about the dignity that Donald Trump has brought to the highest office of the United States. However, what is worse is that the lawsuit makes it plain that Donald Trump had a sexual relationship with a porn star, while married to his current wife.

What kind of man degrades his wife like that, especially soon after the birth of his child? Maybe we can’t expect Donald Trump to keep some dignity in the office of the president, but shouldn’t a God-fearing man want to uphold his wife to the highest standard possible?

Some of you continue to believe in the notion that Donald Trump did not have a sexual relationship with Stormy. You all know that’s bullshit. Although unproven, there is enough evidence to suggest there was a sexual tryst between porn star Stormy and Donald Trump.

This brings right to the nexus of the problem for Donald Trump.

Forget about whether the sexual trysts makes Trump vulnerable to blackmail, there is much that can be used to blackmail Trump with. Forget about whether Donald Trump may have violated campaigns laws or interfered with the election by paying off Stormy to keep her quiet. None of that is neither here nor there. But, Stormy puts another nail in the vast evidence that has dogged Donald Trump from the beginning.

Remember the Russian Dossier, also known as the Trump Dossier produced by Christopher Steele and partly used by the Mueller investigation?

Remember the line about how Donald Trump participated in a perverted sexual act that is documented in the dossier?

Donald Trump has stated that he is a germaphobe and thus would have never participated in such an activity.

Let that one sink in for a moment.

Donald Trump proclaims himself a germaphobe but nonetheless participates in sexual trysts with a porn star who makes sexual activities with multiple partners the centerpiece of her job.

Now, let that one sink in as well, because, although, some of you will continue to pretend the Steele Dossier has yet to be proven – not with the standing the several passages already collaborated by the Mueller investigation – the fact remains that it is very likely that Donald Trump participated in a perverted sexual act that many of us find reprehensible.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “What the Stormy Controversy Says About Trump”

  1. Martin
    You may want to go back and do some research to how many presidents have had affairs before and after being elected. It’s pretty clear that JFK had sex on the national seal in the oval office with a string of women. Bill, Eisenhower, FD Roosevelt etc etc.,the list goes on, it’s what Alpha males do in position of power whether the PC society likes it or not. This is a nothing burger tabloid news!

  2. At least it was hetero sex 🙂 If Trump were a Dem, it could have been any alphabet soup combination. Still, like Bill Clinton, he is given to thinking with the wrong head.

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