Yesterday’s Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress proved that the United States remains divided as to whether Donald Trump is corrupt or not. Each side has their talking points and their spin to support their position. The GOP believes the Mueller investigation is/was a “witch hunt”. The Democrats believe that the Mueller report demonstrates a case of obstruction by Donald Trump.

Obviously each side is dug into their perspective of Mueller’s report.

Neither side has the facts to back them up. Donald Trump and the GOP argues that the whole thing is a “witch hunt” to end the Trump presidency. They argue that it is an attempt to set aside the people’s right to their president. The other side argues that Donald Trump corruptly took the presidency.

It remains unclear what Robert Mueller meant by not being able to “exonerate” Donald Trump. Mueller refused to go beyond the ambiguity of his written report on whether Donald Trump would be indicted for obstruction.

The issue of Trump’s obstruction of justice remains unanswered but it remains a question that demands an answer for the American people.

The ambiguity of whether Donald Trump is corrupt cannot remain unanswered.

As such, the only step forward is impeachment.

What many forget about the impeachment process is that it is a fact-finding exercise to get to the truth. That it is politically charged does not make impeachment less necessary. Criminals would love to do away with the inconvenience of arrest and trial, but most Americans accept the process as necessary to determine the guilt of the accused.

Likewise, Congress has the duty to do what is right and begin the impeachment of Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

The outcome, whether it clears Donald Trump or convicts him will finally answer the question of whether Donald Trump is guilty or not.

To those that would argue that the Democrats control the House and thus the impeachment process is unfair forget the reality that the Republicans control the Senate.

Thus, Donald Trump cannot be removed from office by the Democrats. They would have to convince the Republican senators to remove Trump from office.

If America really wants to know the truth about Donald Trump, the only logical step is to begin and impeachment process.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

2 replies on “Impeachment is the Next Step and the GOP Should Agree”

  1. Let’s see, two years with 17 angry Democrats lawyers investigating Trump and they did not find obstruction of justice. Therefore impeach him. Yeah that’s Democrat logic alright.

    It isn’t fair! He’s got to be guilty of something.

  2. I agree. Let’s begin the impeachment process on Marteen. He’s guilty of masquerading as a factual blogger. Quitate!

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