We have all heard it time and time again – Donald Trump is shrewd negotiator. Many Trump voters voted because Trump was going to make changes in Washington. His negotiating skills will “make American great again” they all collectively proclaimed. Guess what, Trump’s negotiating “skill” is just plain fake.

But, but, Donald Trump has negotiated a rising economy and has brought Kim Un Jong to heel, is the collective groan from the Trump supporters. There is no question that the economy is up, but does Trump deserve full credit for it is up for debate. Likewise, there are mixed reports about whether North Korea is working towards de-nuclearization.

But what is not for debate are two uncomfortable truths.

México will pay for the wall.

Donald Trump promised México will pay for the wall, but the wall debate is now centered on when Congress will fund it. In other words, you, the American taxpayer is slated to pay for the wall. Of course, that is assuming that the wall gets built, in the first place.

So much for Donald Trump’s negotiating acumen.

Donald Trump wants a military parade.

Donald Trump has demanded a military parade. Trump was looking forward to a military parade where he could bask in the fiction that he is a military man.

But there is no military parade, instead Trump will make a run to France to watch their parade.


Because Donald Trump could not negotiate a deal where the parade could be had for an acceptable price to the taxpayers. This, from the man that has direct control over federal lands and the military itself. Heck, as commander-in-chief he commands many military bases with parade grounds, but somehow Trump’s “negotiating skills” wouldn’t allow him to have his military parade.

So much for Donald Trump’s negotiating skills.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

One reply on “Donald Trump Is a Shrewd Negotiator”

  1. Not too sure I agree with you on this, after all he ‘negotiated’ some minds into believing that his every tweet is the truth, and there’s no need to think further.

    He ‘negotiated’ some minds to believe that he is knowledgeable of the complexities of trade.

    He ‘negotiated’ some minds to believe that tariffs are paid by the exporting country and not the importing consumer.

    He ‘negotiated’ some minds into believing that the news media are all about fake news.

    We already know how he ‘negotiated’ some minds to think about immigrants, Mexico, etc. Seems he is endowed with shrewd negotiation skills.

    Now considering what he has said of Mexico/Mexicans the Dallas Morning News Sunday issue has two (2) interesting articles; one is titled “Mexico’s Elite Flow into Dallas” and the other is titled “Unpaid and Out of Luck”.

    The first article details how Mexicans are investing and creating jobs in the
    US and how the trompas tariffs may cause job losses.

    The other article is about the wage thievery of those who worked after Hurricane Harvey. It shows the government’s complicity in these types of scams against some of the most hard-working people.

    Maybe it’s Mexicans who will “Make America Great Again”.

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