Unless you are completely isolated from the world around you then you likely know that New York attorney Aaron M. Schlossberg went on a tirade about Spanish speakers on Wednesday. Schlossberg’s tirade exposes of the hypocrisy of the xenophobes of America and the unintended consequences of their hate upon those around them.

We already know that hate, like the one exhibited by Aaron Schlossberg, hurts the people that the hatred, like his, targets. It hurts the immigrants and their families. But people like Schlossberg also hurt their friends, co-workers and their family. I’ll delve into that in a moment. But before, I need to expose Schlossberg’s hypocrisy.

Aaron Schlossberg went on a tirade about people speaking Spanish in America at a restaurant next to his legal office. It is not surprising that people like Schlossberg hate people who are different then him because hatred is based on irrational beliefs. Donald Trump’s  politics of hate have encouraged people, like Schlossberg, to act out. But if you look at Schlossberg’s legal practice website you’ll note the part where it says he speaks Spanish, along with other languages. On his personal profile he proudly lists Spanish as one of the languages he speaks.

People like Aaron Schlossberg have no problem berating Spanish speakers in public while happily taking their money in Spanish. The hypocrisy oozes. But this shouldn’t surprise us about people like Schlossberg who have hate in their hearts.

As much as they hurt their targets, they also hurt those around them.

Case in point is Catherine Lyster, an attorney in Schlossberg’s employ.

On May 15, 2018 May 16, 2018 Catherine Lyster was proudly listed on Schlossberg’s website.

As soon as Schlossberg went on his tirade about Spanish speakers and his identity was doxed on Twitter for all to see, Catherine Lyster began to scrub her internet footprint of her association to Aaron Schlossberg.

See how she disappeared from the website?

Lyster was also scrubbed from the rest of the website.

But Catherine Lyster was not just a pretty face adorning Schlossberg’s website, she was an attorney working for him.

On May 16, she was still on the Schlossberg’s website, but by the next day she was gone.

But it wasn’t only the legal website where Catherine Lyster was scrubbed from. By yesterday, the day after Schlossberg went on his tirade, Lyster was scrubbed from all her online channels.

Here is her Twitter account on May 16.

Here is her Twitter account on May 17, the next day.

By the next day, her Twitter account was also scrubbed.

But it didn’t stop there. Lyster’s Linkedin page was also scrubbed.

Obviously, Aaron Schlossberg’s hateful comments transcended those he targeted but also hurt those around him.

I do not know Catherine Lyster’s reasons for scrubbing her online channels. It may have been because she was horrified or simply embarrassed. It doesn’t matter, because obviously Schlossberg’s comments hurt her as well.

In closing, let’s not let people, like Aaron Schlossberg, express his hatred without repercussions. Here is his New York Bar card. Feel free to let him know what you think of him.

Oh, in case you didn’t here his comments, here they are:

By the way, Schlossberg wasn’t the only one. Listen to Donald Trump call immigrants “animals”. Warning, there is bad language.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. I’m not completed isolated from the world but this is the first I hear of this incident. Too many hate incidents out there to keep up with all of them ever since el trompas came into the scene.

    It reminds me of what Jorge Ramos tells us in his book Sin Miedo. When he writes about his interview with Baby Bush he warns us not to be fooled by someone because he/she says a few words in Spanish

  2. I thought Trump labeled the MS-13 types as animals, which sounds kind to me considering what they are.

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