So, I’ve been challenged to say something nice about Donald Trump. “Be fair” is the admonishment. Try as hard as I could, it is just too difficult to come up with something nice to write about Trump. Many of you reading this feel that I’m just a Hillary Clinton supporter or left-winger opposed to everything Trump. The fact of the matter is that I have complained about American foreign and immigration policy for years. I thought George W. Bush might be good for immigration reform only to see him take the country to war against Iraq for a personal vendetta. I hoped that Barack Obama would keep his promise to propose immigration reform only to see him put it aside for ObamaCare and saddle me with a fine for not having health insurance. Because I didn’t write about them often did not mean that I supported them over Trump.

The fact is that when it comes to immigration reform and the fact that America depends on immigrant labor, the immigration issue is nothing more than political fodder for both sides of American politics. They don’t want to deal with it because resolving the immigration issue takes away from the politicians a non-voting scapegoat bloc that can be used to distract voters away from the real issues.

I blame the Democrats and the Republicans for Donald Trump. The Democrats for pushing forth a corrupt politician, Hillary Clinton, that forced voters to look at Trump as the alternative. I blame the Republicans for allowing their party to be taken over by a fringe extreme-right minority. Although Trump would be Trump, I may not have devoted so much time on him had it not been for his rhetoric of demonizing Mexicans. Although his politics would be the same, at most I would have continued blogging about border politics were it not for Trump attacking my brethren unfairly.

But, because Donald Trump believes that all Mexicans, like myself, are “rapists” or bad hombres/women, I am compelled to relish in his utter failure as the president. The fact is that every time Donald Trump fails, is proof that his politics of hate have no place in America. I hope to see his administration fail each day.

That said, and to keep my promise, there is one thing that Donald Trump must be acknowledged for. It is the hoped-for talks between North Korea and his administration. Already the North Koreans have released three captives and began to dismantle their nuclear programs. Most important, the North Korans are having a conversation with the rest of the world.

I understand that there is some concern about military exercises and the possible cancellation of talks, but the fact remains that such negotiations are complex. There is also the fact that several concrete steps have been taken. I also understand that in these types of issues, there are many factors involved with other persons playing a part in the outcomes.

But, just like we blame Donald Trump for failures within his government, we must also allow him credit when things go right. The fact is that no other government, or administration has succeeded in having North Korea seriously hold talks about their future.

Donald Trump gets credit for North Korea even if it falls apart in the future because he has succeeded where others have failed.

Other than that, there really is nothing else I can write about Donald Trump that does not involve my hope that his politics of hate are an utter failure.

But fear not, thanks to Cagle Cartoons here are some Trump friendly cartoons for your enjoyment:

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. I think it’s too soon to give el trompas credit for it. China has cut its trading with North Korea worsening its economy. Maybe China had more to do with this agreement than all the huffing and puffing by el trompas.

    The economy brought down the USSR not the ‘Bring down this walls’ from Reagan. He just happened to be president at the time.

    I’ll hold off on crediting el trompas till all is said and done.

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