As you likely know, on March 4, Donald Trump tweeted that Barack Obama tapped “his wires” at the Trump Tower. The insinuation being that Barack Obama tapped Trump’s presidential campaign. The allegation levied by Donald Trump, through Twitter, has only two possible outcomes. The first is that Obama committed a serious crime, or Donald Trump lied. You’ve all probably figured out that my bet is that Trump lied.

However, all joking aside, Trump’s allegation against his predecessor is a serious issue. If it is true, then it bodes bad for the office of the presidency. Likewise, if it is a lie, it also bodes bad for the authority of the presidency. Democracy is based on the notion that the voters allow themselves to be governed. The Office of the President of the United States is an institution that must be respected by the voters for governance to be valid. Without respect, the Office of the President of the United States is nothing more than a title with no meaning.

If Barack Obama ordered wiretapping, then not only did he violate the law but he diminished the office of the presidency by doing so. If Obama had ordered an illegal tap, then the respect of the presidential office has been lost.

Likewise, if Donald Trump lied to the voters for whatever reason, then the Office of the President of the United States has henceforth been tarnished. It has lost the respect of the electorate.

Yesterday was the deadline for Trump to produce evidence of the alleged wiretapping to the House Intelligence Committee. The House committee is composed of members of both parties. As such, the Trump apologists will have a difficult time blaming the deadline on party politics or a conspiracy of the left.

To nobody’s surprise, Trump did not provide any evidence of the alleged wiretapping.

Even members of the Republican Party have demanded that Trump provide proof of the illegal wiretapping. On Sunday, John McCain stated on CNN that Trump has “two choices, either retract or provide the information the American people deserve.”

Kellyanne Conway’s Microwaves

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Trump spokeswoman, Kellyanne Conway told the Bergen County Record that microwaves can be used to surveille people. Conway is quoted, “microwaves that turn into cameras,” adding: “we know this is a fact of modern life.” *

This is how serious the Donald Trump administration is – microwaves that turn into cameras.

But the matter is serious for the voters of the United States and it should be treated as such.

And yet, the joke that is Donald Trump still has apologists rallying around him as though he deserves any respect from anyone.

It is a pretty sad of affairs when the presidency of the United States is nothing more than a bad joke that is being perpetuated upon the world.

I guess that is what Donald Trump meant when he proclaimed America First, as in America will now be the joke of the world.

* Source: Kelly, Mike; “Kellyanne Conway suggests even wider surveillance of Trump campaign”; The Bergen County Record, March 12, 2017

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “The Bad Joke That is Donald Trump”

  1. Actually, the electronic “noise” your computer makes can actually be monitored. That is why folks in secure positions have shielded computers or even shielded rooms. I’m oversimplifying but it is a security issue. Ron Paul did an excellent job of explaining the challenge Trump will have proving any of this. Trump likely wasn’t wiretapped, but foreign individuals making calls into Trump Tower for normal business activities might have been specifically targeted in order to wiretap Trump associates. Paul felt that if foreign individuals were being selected because it legitimized surveillance of Americans an agency wanted to tap, that it would be a big abuse of power. It would also be difficult to prove because there would be no records of warrants tracking to Trump Tower. My guess is that Trump made his statement based on the information contained in the leaks he was seeing because if those links detail information that wasn’t public, it is a pretty good clue someone is monitoring the conversation.

  2. Anglo is right, but at the same time if Martin is wiretapping a so called friend to see if he is tapping his wife and they talk to each and he hears the conversation then he is also wire tapping his wife and maybe not tapping her. Its always a two way conversation and if Obama or any service was tapping a Trump server to tap a Russian or Ukrainian diplomat then they are also tapping who is on the other line of that conversation. Levin showed that the New York Times had even said so and showed their article which was printed around October. Where did they get their sources ? I believe Mark Levin’s logic is what called Trump to make his statement. Maybe the fact the Dems already knew Flynn had talked to the Russian Ambassador and possibly set him up would be possibly proof that Trump’s Tower was tapped if Flynn had talked to the Ambassador from there. A+B=C sometimes.

  3. Martin is so worried about Trump or those in his administration before the election having contact with the Russians well Martin seems Hillary and her minions were also having contacts with the Russian government before the election. So by your thinking this prove that Hillary was a Putin puppet also and there were clearly Russian agents working for Hillary to promote Russian interest and agenda.
    From Clapper,the NSA, FBI and other government agencies found zero,no evidence to support any collusion between Trump and his people and the Russian government. Even the Democrats that have been briefed say there is nothing .
    Martin it’s time to put away the fairy tails it’s starting to making you look unhinged!

  4. If the Russians interfered in our election, then they succeeded, right? After all, didn’t Hillary get 3 million more votes than President Trump?

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