meltrmp-pyprs6spLast month, Melania Trump was faced with the uncomfortable realization that her immigration journey was being questioned. This is important because her husband, Donald Trump has made immigration the cornerstone of his presidential campaign. Melania Trump, for her part, has stated numerous times that she immigrated the “right way.” The problem is that the public record does not support her assertion that she followed the letter of the law when she immigrated to the United States.

Last month photographs that were taken of Melania Trump in New York, before she was supposed to be legally in the United States according to timeline that has been developed by the public record, have raised questions about Melania Trump’s immigration status. To be sure, there is no question, as of now, that Melania Trump is now legally in the country. What there is a question about is whether she had the proper documents to perform at the photoshoot in New York.

The immigration process is haphazard at best with competing rules and regulations making the process arduous at best and impossible at worst. In terms of Melania Trump, the question is whether she was in New York at the time of the photoshoot on a tourist visa and if so, was she in violation of the law while having her picture taken.

This is important because many immigrants find themselves in the same quagmire – somewhere between illegal and legal. Since Donald Trump has taken the position that there is no middle ground and that everyone must follow the law, then it is very important that we understand whether his wife followed the law, as both have stated.

Donald and Melania Trump promised us a press conference where Melania Trump would clarify under what immigration status she was under from the time she entered the country to the time she became a US citizen. The promised press conference has yet to materialize.


Could it have to do with how difficult it is to follow the immigration rules that are impossible to follow, even when someone is trying to do it the “right way?”

The controversy could simply be addressed by Melania Trump publishing a detailed list of visas she used to enter the United States until she became a US citizen. Copies of her immigration papers would also be helpful.

We are yet to see any of that.

Why is it that the most ardent supporters of expelling 11 million people aren’t demanding Melania Trump produce her papers? Would it have anything to do with the color of her skin or who she is married to?

Of course it does.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

5 replies on “Melania Trump Immigration Papers”

  1. If she was here illegally, I agree that’s wrong.

    However, there are a couple points. One is she became a citizen, while others stay illegally and don’t want to become citizens. If she was here without a visa, she wasn’t protesting, trying to get the US to change to fit her instead she fitting the US, she didn’t refuse to learn English.

    People do illegal things for many reasons, but many make the choice to continue the illegal acts, other stop and do their best to comply or assimilate so their life is better.

  2. Martin give it up! She’s NOT running for president. We get the picture….YOU can’t stand (hate) Trump. I didn’t bother to read the article BECAUSE you keep stabbing a dead horse. Please let it go. Your OBSESSED with this, Jorge!!!!

  3. The photographer has come out and stated she posed for free for the exposure. (Double entendre intended.) Entry level models are often exploited in this way. So, it’s really a non-issue. Martin, your blog focuses on a lot of good issues. Why waste time on this?

    1. If she becomes FLOTUS, what an immigration success story! As good as Arnold’s or better since she is a lot easier to look at than the Terminator.

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