cruz_mglferndzAs some of you who regularly read my blog know, I have been following the development of Miguel Fernandez’s DWI arrest (link) and serious criminal and fraud allegations against his company Transtelco. Fernandez was appointed to the UMC board by Vince Perez. His DWI case is still pending in court. The other more serious issue involves his business Transtelco, specifically his use of an Internet connection from the US into Mexico.

As many of you know, Transtelco is headquartered in the same building as the El Paso Times. Transtelco and the building housing the El Paso Times are both owned by Miguel Fernandez. In November, I showed you how Transtelco was issued a fiber contract by the City of El Paso and although the company was found to be using a City owned conduit between El Paso and Cd. Juárez without authority, the company was allowed to receive the contract and pay a fee to license the misuse of the City-owned property without any apparent ramifications. (link)

Later in November, I shared with you the allegations being made by a Mexican citizen, Mark Randolph James. James has alleged that Transtelco stole a multi-million-dollar Internet connection from him. (link) Additionally, James has alleged human rights violations and even death threats against him by Fernandez. The FCC, is also investigating Transtelco’s license.

Like the DWI case against Miguel Fernandez, this case against him is also making its way through the legal system. As promised, I am updating you on the latest information that I know about.

On July 6, 2016, Mark Randolph James sent a four-page letter to Ted Cruz complaining about how the alleged Internet theft case and alleged death threats has been handled by the Justice Department and the FBI. James wrote;

“Sadly, it appears that the FBI is no longer willing to pursue its Citizens [sic] for crimes or apparent acts of violence or corruption outside the United States against foreigners, in particular Mexicans, even if these acts ultimately further result in the loss of real property or damage to persons in the United States.” [emphasis in the original letter]

James added;

“A result I can only attribute to my nationality, or the financial and political wherewithal (media influence) of the potential culprits in this particular case – ‘too big to prosecute’.”  [original emphasis]

James concludes his letter to Ted Cruz by asking Cruz for guidance in understanding when the US became a country like Mexico, where impunity is the norm, rather than the exception.

I’ll keep you updated as I learn more about the pending cases.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “Ted Cruz Asked to Intervene on UMC Official”

  1. When did El Paso become like Mexico ? When did it stop ? This corruption thing is like the “chicken or the egg” with Mexico.

    Contacting the senator will result in a reply. Thank you, we are concerned, etc. if the Hillary scandal didn’t prove there special justice, how about the silence with the two hospital board members that committed fraud, still waiting for Ann Lilley Morgan, the Ordaz/Perez/Escobar and city council manipulation.

    So will the senator or the FBI do anything ? If they do, they’ll need a task force to clean up the city and county. They can’t even finish with the schools. Nope, nice try but a two page generic reply will be the result.

  2. Expect Cruz to immediately send a letter back requesting a donation so he can continue his fight for true Constitutional conservatism. But don’t expect anything else. Constituents aren’t high on his list of priorities.

  3. Did anyone see that an Arizona County leader told the Arizona Diamondbacks owner to take his team and shove it? Would any leader here have the courage to stand up against a bully with deep pockets?

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