The Miguel Fernandez DWI Arrest

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  1. Stench in the Air says:

    Martin, quite an eye opener for me. I suspected there were cross border influence but you just confirmed it.

    I don’t know how or where you obtain the information. You should have been a newspaper reporter. Obviously not the Times. I wish there was another El Paso newspaper(english) that would publish your information,

    It could change the course of politics by informing the public and perhaps increase informed voting, voting that would break the chokehold. I am beginning to understand why there are so many shenanigans and worthless people in office.

    Everything is based on greed, cronyism, and control. This city really is just an extension of Juarez. Plus it would explain all the inept and ineffective people in office. Hand picked on ability to obey, stupidity and keep their mouth shut !

  2. Forget all the rest of it (we all know this dude will likely escape prosecution). Tell me more about “the city’s Internet initiative to bring free Internet to El Paso.” What happened to that?

  3. Jaime says:

    Oh wow! Where do you get all this from? Bravo!

  4. Jerry K says:

    The cross border fiber and fiber conduit is one of the few success stories around these days, no matter how it happened. The city just doesn’t get how important ubiquitous high speed bandwidth is. It is the 21st century equivalent of sewer and water service in the 19th century and without it there is no technological future and El Paso is poorly served by fiber and cellular digital connectivity.

    Instead, the city is focused on debt and baseball as the key to its future but it’s bandwidth, not ballparks that will get them there. Martin of all people should understand this.

  5. sunshine says:

    This also explains why O’Rourke is such a strong supporter of the Trans-Pacific trade agreement and went against the will of the vast majority of his constituents. That’s why his family and friends worked so hard to put him it office. He’s there to serve there interests, not that if the average citizen and taxpayer of this district. It’s the same story with every politician they have bought like Veronica Escobar, Vincent Perez, Claudia Ordaz, Susie Mississippi Byrd, Cortney Niland, etc.

  6. Stench in the Air says:

    Jerry K, so the ends justifies the means? That is “exactly” what has hindered El Paso.

    We have to stop the acceptance of unethical, corruption, cronyism, shady deals.
    Which is why we have the numbskulls in office that we have. And you have cons providing advise and guidance. As they say “only in El Paso”.

    • Jerry K says:

      No it doesn’t but what happened that is illegal? It is more likely, having worked with city IT, that incompetence ruled the day. You think Engineering can’t find the light switch in broad daylight, just work with IT that can’t even set project milestones in advance, is ridden with a friends-and-relatives employment culture, and is light years behind the rest of the country in technology. Miguel Gamino inherited that mess, he didn’t create it, but it is true he didn’t make much progress in fixing it. I don’t blame him for taking the San Francisco job. Now he lives in a city where most people can actually read and don’t earn their livelihood out of the back of a pickup truck.

      Really, like Engineering, city IT can’t be fixed and should be outsourced to someone who can run it as a 21st century technology platform. IBM, Accenture, CSC, one of those. No one in city hall can do that.

  7. Stench in the Air says:

    Not illegal ? Did they have permission to do anything on city property and then run the line across federal property.

    Can you or I start digging up government property without a permit just because it could benefit the city? Legally we are required to have permit to do some things on private property, although not enforced.

    It’s sense of entitlement that elected officials and certain people have. Nothing applies to them, so they bend the rules or get a pass for violations. The average person is raked over the coals for many of the same offenses.

    Can I threaten or assault city employees, not get arrested and have the case drag on for years? Can I show porn to my children and get a year probation ? Can III commit fraud to obtain federal funding, then have a federal legislator intervene on my behalf ? Can I manipulate the council meetings and nothing happen ? Can I drive without insurance, registration or inspection for a couple of years and no charges ? Can I go to the engineering department and order them to pave my street? Can I renovate a park and be two years late without penalties? Can I get hired by friends in the county although I have outstanding warrants? There’s plenty more but it would require a second blog.

  8. Vegas says:

    Once again, Jerry K defends complacency. CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. La Llorona says:

    Now this guy is being appointed by Commissioners Court to serve on the New Board of the Children’s Hospital? IT MUST BE A JOKE! In the last three years, tally up the cost of caring for seriously injured children who were victims of drunk driving crashes! This man displayed extremely poor judgement in a very basic circumstance. Even my college-aged children know to call an uber if they have had too much to drink. It is an OUTRAGE that a wealthy man can buy his way out of a DWI and then be appointed to the Board of a Children’s Hopsital. It’s collective amnesia- as if his police photo NEVER appeared on the Front page of the El Paso Times! What are they are smoking at Commissioners Court?

  10. Bonnie K Gilightly says:

    You are not only grasping at straws, but you are also a poor writer. This spew of completely unsubstaited information is not only inaccurate, it screams conspiracy theory schizophrenia and socio path. Get over yourself and report on something that is actually news.

  11. Justin Time says:

    Dot connecting is essential, regardless of accuracy (although you may have some accuracy here), to keep the minds sharp and the questioning alive.

    It is a very necessary exercise.

    Having money does make a difference with regards to having access to knowledge – in most cases, knowledge alone helps navigate systems.

    Furthermore – rumors have begun about the El Paso Indoor Arena and also… the artificial surf facility that will be built (like the one in the Austin). Are these the same folks involved?


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