dishnst-core2aI am sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to many of you that Hillary Clinton is the anointed presidential candidate for the Democrats. Although there have been rumors and innuendo for many years, the facts were illusive. As a result, the Clinton clan was allowed to obfuscate the notion that the Democrat Party is corruptly behind Clinton as nothing more than Republican attacks and sour grapes from opponents. For many years, these types of political shenanigans were allowed to continue because the facts were conveniently hidden from everyone. Things are changing though. We now have proof in the form of Wikileaks and the DNC email trove they put online for us to review that shows us conclusively how corrupt the system really is.

This is not the first time that Hillary Clinton is dealing with the fallout from email scandals. This latest emails adds that what should now be known as the Hillary Clinton Emailgates, as in plural. Almost all of you are aware about Hillary Clinton’s email server at her house and the resulting scandal it has produced. Some of you, though, may not remember Edward Snowden’s release of classified documents in 2013.

Many of those classified documents, released by Snowden, exposed Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty while at the State Department. Clinton has expressed “puzzlement” of Snowden absconding from US prosecutors. She, and Bernie Sanders, have both demanded that Snowden return to the US to face justice. However, the Snowden leaks were not the first time that Hillary Clinton had been exposed through Wikileaks.

A previous Wikileaks document set released to the public showed that the US State Department was involved in spying on other countries for an economic advantage over them. Although the State Department spying program had been implemented and had been ongoing for many years, the revelations about the improper use of surveillance of other countries were revealed under Clinton’s tenure as head of that agency. Clinton became the face of that scandal, although she was indirectly involved in it.

On February 18, 2010, Wikileaks began to release US diplomatic cables. Hillary Clinton, as the agency’s head, denounced the release of the documents. Even today, Hillary Clinton is attempting to bring Julian Assange to justice. Assange, for his part, has asserted that to this day, Hillary Clinton continues to receive regular reports about the attempt to bring him to the US to justice. This, of course, has led us the most recent email scandal, the latest Wikileaks document trove that was released last Friday. For his part, Julian Assange is on record as intending to make Clinton’s presidential campaign as difficult as possible.

Although much of the recent email scandal, involving the recent Wikileaks release of emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) focuses on the DNC’s efforts to interfere against any credible competition against a Hillary Clinton’s nomination, the interference itself was released earlier in the year by a hacker. The DNC, and Hillary Clinton, are deflecting the unflattering exposure of the truth by blaming Russian groups for the hack of the DNC servers.

Whether it really is the Russians, or not, we don’t know yet who the hackers were; is irrelevant because the idea is to spin the narrative away from the content towards something else. The Russian angle brings up of nationalistic rage that the DNC is hoping will distract you from the contents of the emails. What better distraction than the Russian boogeyman trying to steal democracy away from the US voters.

Ironic, that democracy is the trump card (no pun intended) when the basis of the whole scandal is based on taking away the democracy from the nomination process for the individual that will be nominated to represent the Democrats come the November elections. Let that sink in for a moment.

The DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign are spinning a narrative focused on Russian involvement in US politics, while, at the same time, the whole basis of the Hillary Clinton/DNC scandal is the dismantling of the democratic process to nominate Clinton this week.

Therein lies the nexus to the whole Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party – they are dishonest to the core.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Martin, I know you feel personally insulted by Trump’s rhetoric. But the real reason he has the support he is does is not because those of us that support him are a bunch of xenophobic fools. It is because we realize that the establishment of both parties has sold its soul to special interests and the result is unsustainable policies on a number of fronts. Trump used rhetoric to get folks to the polls because he was being forced to fight the same system on the RNC side. It worked. Elections are about choices and the choice this election is between the guy who beat the rigged system who wants to change policy direction and the woman the rigged system wants to put in place to keep the status quo.

  2. The sad part about this is the Democratic party’s election process was so openly subverted,a election stolen and the party elites did not really even bat a eye and this week telling it’s party members it’s all good. Even worse some members saying stealing of the election was a good thing and alright. Then even to put bad and bad speeches telling us how we should instruct our children in ethics and morals from a group of people who seem to have allowed their own to lapse. Yep this is progressive lunatic fringe thinking we should all be afraid of and stand up against.

  3. Well, I give Mexico credit on their politics. At least it’s an open secret that they screw the people.

    American politics, they run a shell game, screw you then convince you the screw was in your best interest.

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