clnto-demconv1Last week it was Donald Trump. Today is the first day of the Democrat Convention. I’m hoping that the Democrats give me the same chaos as the Republicans last week so that I can have some fun on my personal Facebook and Twitter feeds with some of my graphics. Hopefully, like the Republicans last week, the Democrats allow me to remind everyone that there is no one worthy of your votes come Election Day. That’s right, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump have earned the respect to be president of the United States. My Republican friends are furious at me for some of my graphics and posts last week. This week, I’m sure I’ll infuriate some of my Democrat friends.

As I have been pointing out for almost a year now, Donald Trump is hypocritical, especially when it comes to immigration issues. It is also no secret that I took personal umbrage with his comments last year about Mexicans being “rapists.” Those were his words, no matter how anybody tries to spin it. However, my biggest problem with Donald Trump is his hypocrisy.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand is just plain dishonest. I realize that there is much political spin to the many examples of her dishonesty. Some of the examples are distorted while others are exaggerated. However, there is one undeniable fact and that is that there are too many examples of Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and ethical failures for all of them to be exaggerations or political rhetoric.

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally dishonest.

Clinton’s ethical failures also makes her unqualified to lead the nation.

Unfortunately, that leaves us in a quandary that many of my friends have been pointing out.

One of the two characters – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – will be the next president of the United States. Understanding this, shouldn’t I be choosing the least offensive one? It is true, and unfortunate, that it has come down to this, having to choose the lesser of two evils.

I can never support Donald Trump. I took his words personally and rather than attempt to dial it down, or clarify his true meaning, Donald Trump has just made it worse in the last year, or so. And, it seems that it will only get worse.

Notwithstanding any of that, the sad little fact that everyone one is missing is that Trump’s rhetoric, especially about immigrants, is just that, hateful words that have no opportunity to become a reality.

As much as Donald Trump says that he will deport millions of people. As much as Donald Trump says that he will build a wall, adding ten feet, each time the Mexican government complains, the truth is that other than a token wall, the wall will not be built. As much as Donald Trump says he will shut down the border, the more open the border will become.

You see, it all comes down to money. All of those items will either require money, lots of it, or it will be detrimental to the economy of the United States. And, there is that little pesky reality that Donald Trump and his vocal supporters continue to ignore.

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump is the president because he would be forming a government supported by three legs. Two of the legs, the executive, of which Trump will be the head and the legislative branch would have to agree to get the plans off the ground.

The Republican Party is fractured. As much as the political rhetoric coming out of the GOP about unity, Ted Cruz clearly proved that unity at the GOP is an illusion. Therefore, even if the GOP manages a majority in Congress, it would be a majority in label without the unity to get things done. Some of the GOP might even vote along with the Democrat isle just to curtail Trump. If the Democrats have the majority, well it is unlikely they would agree with anything Trump wants to accomplish.

This brings me back to Hillary Clinton.

I cannot, in good conscious support Hillary Clinton. She is fundamentally dishonest. Yes, she says the right words about immigration. She even trotted her vice presidential nominee to speak Spanish to the crowd. Clinton has figured that she needs to lull the Hispanic vote her way in order to overlook her dishonesty. Unfortunately it might work. But like Barack Obama, they are just words to get elected with. Obama, for as much as he promised immigrants that he would finally deal with the immigration issue, has instead deported more immigrants than any other president.

You see how facts prove the dishonesty inherent in the political rhetoric?

Hillary Clinton will do no more for immigrants than Obama did for us in his many years in office.

All of it is just words.

Even though Hillary Clinton will likely keep the status quo on immigration, the sad fact is that she is dishonest. For that one reason, I cannot support her as the lesser of two evils, because that would be fundamentally dishonest for me.

There is a silver lining for me. I can point out the dishonesty in both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because I cannot fundamentally support either one and unfortunately, one will be the next president. But I get to point out how horrible of a mistake US voters have made so far.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “It is Hillary Clinton’s Turn”

  1. Apparently you have overlooked the videos and emails that show her using colorful language to identify various members of minority groups, Hispanics, Blacks and Jews.

    She’s a lot more than just dishonest !

  2. Martin
    What you do not get is the majority of America did not vote for either Trump or “The Hill” they stayed home. The American people are not the fault it’s both party’s process of electing their nominee. Trump used the Republican’s process against them and won. “The Hill” just stole the election to become her party’s nominee. Every one with common sense knew the fix was in for “the Hill” by the DNC in Iowa when she won five coin tosses in a row. No the majority of Americans understand that both party’s process of electing nominees is a con job and a scam but even the main stream of each party has no control of the leadership or the powers that be that control the parties could stop what took place this election cycle. Martin believe many will be leaving both parties after this election and hopefully a real third party will rise to break the choke hold these two parties have on our election process and our government.
    Last for any one to claim “The Hill” did not know a whole lot of cheating was going on have to be do stupid or like the open election corruption going in their party.

  3. But look at is this way: Hillary or Trump, the white house is going to be the best political entertainment on the planet. Bill could be back on Air Fuck One and Hillary would have the power of the presidency to deal with his bimbo eruptions. Or, Melania could do another spread for GQ and Esquire. The Donald could move his entire cabinet into The Apprentice program so we could watch each week to see who gets the axe.

    The possibilities are endless.

  4. Ha! Their shenanigans have started before the officlal commencement of the DNC Circus on Monday. Again with an e-mail scandal and this time the DNC blames Putin (whew, at least it wasn’t polonium) and on Saturday they had their ‘reform’ of the super delegates.

    While el Putin is busy running his fiefdom, closing media outlets not in his favor, and waving at Sarah Palin, the DNC is casting him as Guccifer 2.0. Does it really matter who hacked and dumped the e-mails?

    Supposedly two-thirds of the super delegates will vote in line with the voters but not till the next election cycle because She must be crowned this cycle, and nothing and no one should stand in the way. Not much of win, it would have been better to get rid of all super delegate as of this cycle.

    The sacrificial lamb, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, ain’t going without a fight. Latest I’ve read she has been kicked out of the Circus Speaking Circuit. Dollars to donuts she never expected that things would come to this; the Party and She-That-Must-Be-Crowned would stand with her.

    Don’t despair, Debbie, dear. If this is the end of your political career, there’s always the Clinton Foundation.

  5. Nothing better than seeing both of these high dollar NON PROFIT companies is how false thrhetoric spewing from them is. Most people think these entities are a part of government but never took time to know they are private businesses with unbelievable tax benefits. Even the NFL got out of the non profit game because of pressure from the same politicians who zealously protect the status for themselves. Corruption to the core.
    Me thinks the DNC is about to get Berned badly.

  6. The stupid train rolls on in Philly.
    The DNC and “The Hill” are now blaming Russia and Trump for them being caught stealing an election. It’s like the kid who blames his dog for eating their homework and their cat helped. The later night comics are going to have a field day with this one. Does this sound familiar? It’s like the DNC and the Clinton’s blamed the media and the Republicans when Bill was caught with other women. Geeez! New hit series Drama and the DNC, it’s a real life who done it.

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