splashToday’s post is going to be short and to the point. As you know by now, Donald Trump launched a so-called university to teach real estate investing schemes to subscribers. The “university” existed from 2005 through about 2010. In its short time in existence, the school collected many complaints from students who took the courses. Donald Trump has acknowledged refunding about 25% of the tuition he collected.

The New York Attorney General’s office began to look into the “university” in 2011. In 2013, the New York Attorney General’s office filed a suit against the “university” for “illegal business practices.” Two, class action lawsuits were also filed against Trump’s school alleging racketeering by Trump and his school.

As a result of one of the pending lawsuits, Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel allowed the release of parts of the trial documents on May 27, 2016. Rather than bore you with having to trudge through the hundreds of court pages, I thought it would be best to let Donald Trump, tell you in his own words, why his Trump University was a fraud from the very beginning.

Enjoy the three-minute video of Donald Trump telling you why even his own employees believe his school was nothing more than a fraud.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

8 replies on “The Donald Trump University Fraud”

  1. It isn’t fraud when you graduate from college and cant get hired in your field of study.

    He provided the classes and information, can’t make a deal, who’s fault? It’s no different than all the get rich seminars. In any case , read the fine print or you aren’t satisfied after one or two classes disenroll.

    The reason they pushing for a trial is because he refuses to settle out of court. Settling implies an admission of guilt.

    Did we just get sold a bill of goods with healthcare ? Penalties, increased premiums, change doctors, etc ?

    Didn’t Hillary get caught lying to the public now and in her younger years? Didn’t Bill Clinton get disbarred ? They’re crucifying Bill Cosby for the same thing Bill Clinton was and is still doing ?

  2. Martin, do a piece on the Clinton email issue. You probably have some good insight into this from a technical perspective. Is this serious or just the usual Clinton MO that the rules don’t apply to Hillary and Bill?

  3. I agree with Jerry K. Hil’s server and her behavior relating to Benghazi were much bigger issues. Trump could have made the university case go away with a quiet settlement before the campaign. The fact that he is fighting it says he believes his defense has merit. And I think any judge who joins a legal association that has “race” in its name is asking for challenges on whether or not he has bias.

  4. Let’s not forget Bill and Hillary’s involvement with Laureate Education whose object time was to ” get as many students, regardless of skill level, signed up and pay tuition! ” AND it caused controversy in Latin America. Kickbacks and the whole Clinton baggage of lies and deceit followed her there through the state department AND they made millions there too. These two don’t do anything that doesn’t benefit them in the millions. lies, lies, liars, Liars. Education was not their goal but rather stealing cash from students. Where are the questions?

  5. What about Hillary’s ties to the Clinton Foundation’s seedy donations, email scandal, or Benghazi? What about Whitewater, or her 20 million she made in the last 2 years from “speaking” fees? How about her enabling the bimbo eruption cover-up and harassment of Bill’s female victims?

  6. Anita for Sandersnista. Might as well go for full fledge communist government.

    1. Only three places left now where communism has any credibility : North Korea; Cuba; the humanities departments of American universities.

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